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Seeing Orbs, Dead Relative, Getting Warnings


I'm a 28yr old male I have had quite a few experiences since I was a child and have never really sought any answers. First when I was very young still in my crib, I started saying from what my mum told me look at the orbs look at the orbs. Mum and dad just said yeah yeah yeah to themselves what's he babbling about. About 5mins later my dad got a call to say my grandfather had just passed away a few minutes ago? I have read up on this a little and I read that young children are more open to things is this true?. Then from 7-12yrs I would get woken at night and during the day sometimes I would hear voices just very quite whispering in my ear, it would go on for hours. I could not make out what they were saying? I told my parents they took me to a doctor, and the doctor thought I might have a tuma. I went for brain scans and all sorts of tests and nothing was found. Then from 12-28 many things have happened in my life mostly bad, and before it has happened I have had a thought shoot into my brain like "dont go leave that here stay home just like no no no" not tonight if you get what I mean. In 2008 I was living away from my home town sitting in a studio apartment alone. Then out of the bathroom a dead relative who died violently a few years earlier. Thought I should write that in case it has some meaning, but again this relative I had very little to do with I really did not know him at all met him like 4 times in my life. Walked out of the bathroom stood in front of me smiled and said don't go back (I was thinking of going back home) He was real like a living person standing there I was awake not a dream! I freaked out left my apartment for like 5mins then went back in everything felt fine, anyway I went to sleep woke up and I was still thinking about staying where I was and not going back home. Anyway I'm like I will flip a coin just a thought! Tails I stay here heads I go home I flipped the coin eight times all tails? Anyways I ended up forgetting about it and went home a few days later. I had booked the plane ticket on the same day the spirit or whatever visited me after I got back all bad! I moved in with a friend of mine (since childhood) he had just gotten out of jail and completely changed he was always a very self centered person and I have always been a kind hearted soul. Anyway his girlfriend wanted to leave him and be with me and he knew this he tried to poison me and tried to have me killed on several occasions but the more I think of how he tried to do it something saved me I don't want to go into it too long a story, The same relative spirit visited me once more when I was living there I was sitting in my room reading and my so called friend who was trying to have me hurt opened my door out of nowhere one night and standing just behind him was my relative staring at the back of my friends head. My friend went to say something but stopped then he just closed the door and left me alone weird! Also I think I should ad this over my life I have been stopped in the street over 5 times by strangers all older women saying the same thing it would be honey or sweetie "you have so much light around you"? I would always just be like yeah whatever. I would walk away and always look back and all of these women would still be staring at me until I'm out of there sight? And feedback you could give me on these thing would be helpful to me thank you please be honest am I crazy? Or what? Please be honest thank you for reading.:)

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
Yes, I started meditating by sitting for 5 minutes a day in a quiet place where no one could bother me. Simpy try to relax your entire body, from your hair to your toes. You can either try to clear your mind or simply listen to what's going on around you. After a week of doing this, increase by 5 minutes and continue to increase by 5 more minutes until you are comfortable with the amount of time you meditate. The goal is to stop your mind from obsessive thoughts, from controlling your thoughts, from mind-chatter and thinking. If you commit to doing this each day (at least 5 days a week!) at the same time each day, believe me, you will see results in time. It might take a few weeks or it might only take a few days. Either way, never be discouraged. Something is happening and you are developing even if you don't notice that you are. Meditation is the key to everything and there is no right or wrong way... Just find a way to stop your brain from constant chatter so the spirit world can communicate with you easier. It's like letting your guard down. Also imagine white light around you before you begin and ask God for protection for any negativity and only allow spirits with the highest intentions to communicate with you or be near you. Hope this helps! ❤ 😉
answers (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-27)
thanks for the reply I really know nothing about anything really what should I do about it some people on other sites say develop myself meditation ect but don't know where to start ideas?
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-27)
Ah, so you're a medium. You're not crazy one bit. This spirit you see is probably a guide now. We all have spirit guides, but we don't all see them as easily as you do. I am clairvoyant, so I see things and people in my mind, not in the physical like you do (at least not up to this point in time!). It's nothing to be scared or freaked out about. It's really the opposite. It's quite exciting.

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