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My friend's and I the other night played a board game during which my friend projected her emotions at me. I did not know she was doing it at the time but I felt a very strong surge of energy the likes of which I'd never felt in my life. She asked me later if I'd felt anything during the game and I told her exactly when I'd felt it. She told me that's exactly when she'd projected to me. My friend and I spent the night trying to feel each other's energies. At random while we watched a movie we would try to determine when the other person was projecting their energy at the other. We were able to tell every time. Afterwards we both felt a little cold and drained. As well, the next day I spent 3 hours outside in 30 degrees F. Weather with only a sweatshirt and pants and was not cold at all, I couldn't even fall asleep as I was sweating like crazy in my cold apartment room with only a top sheet. We're new to most of this and are interested in growing our empathic abilities as well as healing and maybe PK. I've always wanted to help people sort problems and have a pretty good lie detector. Under certain circumstances I've been able to feel everyone in the room's energy and how it all blends together. In one case, a group of us was having a really good time and we heard word that 3 drunk kids were coming over, I could instantly feel everyone's mood drop from very relaxed and happy, to tense and upset. As soon as the drunk people walked in, the force of emotion against them was thick in the air which made it really awkward. I also tested on my pet dogs who I was petting, as soon as I started projecting at them they playfully attacked my hands at the same exact time. I have very good control over my emotions and it seems easy for me to push my energy onto others whereas my friend seems to be able to feel others very well. We are both very curious and any answers, comments would be helpful. We are both 21 and very interested.

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mmmagd (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-09)
It sounds like maybe she just really likes you. Perhaps so much that it was actually tangible.

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