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Spirit Encounter In My Old Bedroom In Hong Kong


I've always believed in ghosts/spirits since I was young. I'm 18 now and I've encountered a spirit, or maybe it was more than one. I was 16 and my family and I had just moved into a new house- it was just me, my mom, my younger (by a year) brother, and my dog. Now it has been said that pets in particular can see spirits. I noticed right away that whenever I tried to get my dog to sleep next to me in my room, he would jump off my bed right away and sit at the door and scratch it/lightly bark at the door for me to let him out. Also, a couple of times, at night when I was in bed, I'd hear my name being called by someone in my room, sort of like a whisper. Another time, I had purposely lit two candles in my room and placed them on my dresser (this was again, at night at bedtime), and I literally said this as I laid in bed "Okay, whoever you are, I'm going to ask you questions, and if you answer yes, please make the flame of the candle flicker, and if the answer is a no, please leave the flame burning without movement. Is this okay?" and then the flame flickered. I know you're thinking- but the wind or air conditioner could easily be moving that flame, but this was not the case. The flame stayed still while I was asking the question, and then when I was done they would either move or remain still. It was like I was having a conversation with someone that couldn't speak. Another encounter was when I was the last one awake in my house, watching tv. When I decided to head to bed, I placed a headband over my eyes because I used to like sleeping in total darkness. As soon as I placed it over my eyes and laid on my back with my arms around my head, something that felt like a little kid sit on top of my stomach. I opened my eyes and felt as if I could see right through my headband. A figure outlined in a purple-ish colour was on top of me. I freaked out and waited until it left. I actually FELT it get off and right away I turned to my side and then ran to my mom's room where I tried to explain what happened but ended then just burst into tears. My mom believes in spirits too, so she didn't think what I was saying was total hogwash. Anyway, my last encounter happened WITH my mom. My grandparents aka her parents were visiting from Canada, and they stayed in her room while she slept next to me on my bed. My dog slept with us, but on the floor on his blanket. I had a body length-mirror in my room, and it was leaning against a wall. At 4 in the morning it had fallen over, but instead of sliding down so that the mirror was facing up, it fell ONTO the mirror side. At first my mom and I thought it was my dog, but then we realized he wasn't even in the room. Till this day my family believes that there was someone in my room. The house we were renting was owned by a woman who was going through a divorce with her-then husband and had a child. They left a whole bunch of their belongings in the house, so we thought that maybe their child might have passed away. ANYWAY! If you took the time to read this, THANK YOU. I've been wanting to get my story out here for a while! Feel ABSOLUTELY free to reply!

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2012-02-14)
There are spirits all around us, all the time, everywhere we go. I (and all other mediums) can not only sense spirit energy, but can call spirits to come to us, and they will come if they are willing. I tend to block spirits whom I don't know. Spirits are like people--do you want to talk to total strangers whose intentions you know nothing about? I don't. So I only choose to communicate with spirits I know or of a friend who is asking me questions about a loved one. If I sense a spirit around me who seems to just be playing games, I simply ignore it and it goes away. You can either choose to enter into a relationship where you are constantly acknowledging this spirit or you can ignore it. It's up to you. Regardless, it's nothing to be scared of. Spirits can't harm you if you tell them they are NOT ALLOWED in your energy field, and then do not continue to "feed them" by paying attention to them.
Mubashir (285 posts)
8 years ago (2012-02-13)
Pretty cool story. I hear these whispers many times in a day. But I never tried this candle trick of yours. Mostly in the night time, I feel like someone is watching me and sometimes this clear feeling that someone just passed by me that startle me most of the time. Lol but I can't see anyone around. Yesterday in the night I was standing before the mirror without lights on. It felt like my own reflection is approaching towards me, it was kind of scary. Sometimes it feels like someone is pulling my shirt from behind and I clearly feel it, but can't see anything. Well that's my story. Hope these spirits don't harm anyone in the house. If you experience anything again so tell me. I think my experiences are just normal, not a big deal.

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