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Under Aged And Over Sensitive


My name is Joshua Amos, and I've learned I have a certain gift. Although I'm not quite ready to announce to the world what I can do I have come to terms with my abilities. I'm a sensitive, an empath, an emotional leech.

I've looked up some of the traits of being a sensitive but the one universal trait doesn't seem to apply to me. Most empaths feel overwhelmed in crowds. Some even get physically ill. But when I'm in a crowd I start to feel as though I'm a leech feeding off of an animal. I start feeling more alive. The people around me seem to grow irritable.

I'm able to sense everything. Every emotion. And although I'm only seventeen I feel so empowered. I've also been experimenting with "projection" as I like to call it. I'm able to influence slight shifts in moods for a very short time. My longest successful attempt lasted 10 seconds. I was in a mall and I kind of pushed with my head and a ripple effect occurred. People close to me grow quite. Then people further away were silenced. I'd estimate that 30-35 people stopped talking. And none of them knew why. In all honesty it scared me.

Is it normal for a sensitive to have that much of an impact? And if not am I a danger to myself? I'm in control of my gift but it still scares me. I know this seems difficult to believe but I come to you speaking only truth. What advise can you give me?

My mom is or was an empath but she couldn't shield like I can. So when she learned she locked her gift away. Is empathy genetic? How can I develop my abilities even further? What is my purpose?

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star325 (2 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-27)
I'm only 13 and I am aware of things around me when no one else is that's not the only thing though I used to think of it and become scared but I embraced my small gift of sensitivity I'm sure you will be able to control your large one in time:)
CheshireCat (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-21)
Yeah, have the same abilities plus more. I feel like I literally take on the other persons identity/energy except I don't see a big difference in their behavior or at least I don't these days. Before I could seem to dominate a room of strangers and make them go quiet... I once out of curiosity went into someone's mind to see how they recalled with precision there memories of events as he always impressed me with his recall. I saw exactly how his mind worked like a film projector in a spiral event which was neat to me as I had never thought of that before. The next day I went to work and out of curiosity told him how he had come up in my mind and what I had percieved. He looked rather odd at me and told me that around 10 at night which is about when I was doing this, he was eating a tv dinner and watching tv when he simply lost consciousness and dropped to the floor. Apparently he woke up a few hours later... I sheepishly walked away with an odd apology...opps. I know I've been a energy leech before but I'm not entirely sure how to stop it other than asking guides as I did because I noticed a disturbing trend where it's not just mind at play but the whole energy system. As in sexual energy from the lower chakra could be transmitted or received even if I had no interest in the person which can be odd and gross at the same time. You can actually resonate like the person so much so that you start moving like them or I noticed if they were on drugs of some sort the energy field would be different and I could actually feel my own mind/body responding in similar ways. People that are positive and upbeat make for a fun time to be around, people that are sad or negative simply blow and make life feel like drudgery. All in all, I've had more experiences than anyone could imagine for 10 plus years and projecting really isn't fun as others can have a similar effect on you without even realizing what there doing... As in they don't need to have the conscious intent to be doing it which brings up issues of shielding and such. I will say if you are interested in amping these abilities which by the way only led me to a personal hell, buy a moldavite crystal to greatly enhance the energy, a ruby to center and ground it and a soldalite stone to enhance understanding and knowledge while keeping calm. Perhaps you'll be a luckier cat than I...
Escudo (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-18)
I have the exact same powers, you can search my old account it is Ferox Fever. I started out just like you, empathy then a psivamp too as some call us. Yet I have started to do what your mother did. Lock away my powers because you will start to see that sometimes you become dependent on the people around you too. I never liked having to drain people and if it meant I had to lock up my empathy to stop it so be it. Be careful you don't overdo it.

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