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Friend Seeing Dark Shadows


I have a friend who only recently told me she has been seeing a dark shadow shaped like a man wearing a hat, she said it looks human still it doesn't. She has a 7 year old girl and she said her daughter never sleeps on her back but she went in to find her that way. She said she lied in her bed which was next to her daughter's bed. She said her husband was in another room on the computer, she couldn't get to sleep she felt like someone was there or something.

The mother opened her eyes and looked over by her daughter to see the shadow just staring down at her child, her child was lying face up and still asleep, she said she was so stunned but this thing like it was so deep in concentration it never saw her watching it. Until she thought what are you doing? When it did realize it looked at her she never saw eyes but she ran to the door and called for her husband and it fled, she doesn't know where to! She said she stood by the door thinking it can't get out, her husband searched they saw nothing.

She recently moved to another house but she has seen this shadow before where she use to live. What is this? Please do explain if you can? And this child use to be chased by monkeys when she was only about 2 to 3 years of age, at birth a bird would come to the room she was in and just sit on her pillow, her mother could never get rid of it. She's afraid to tell people about these things, for fear they'll just think she's nuts. Funny thing is her sister saw the same thing with her one night when they heard the dogs barking like crazy and

Then this dark shadow ran off.

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