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Psychic Baby Dreams And Sleep Paralysis


I am new! I found this site 2 days ago and have been pouring over so many articles and experiences I don't know where to begin! I also read through a lot of the Astral Voyage site as well. Anyways, I thought maybe I would give the stories of my significant experiences in one post if that is fine:

First off the sleep paralysis. This is something I have experienced for as long as I can remember. It would happen about once or twice a month. It always scared the bleep out of me. Flash forward to the year 2008 (I was 22 at the time) when I was having them ALL of the time. One particular incident was I had woke up because my husband had called while he was on his way to work early one morning. After I hung up. I don't remember falling back asleep at all. I felt tingly and I heard a buzzing gurgling sound. I couldn't move, but I still felt like I could see myself through the reflection in the tv sitting up. I saw a dark figure walk over the me at the side of the bed and lean over me. Then I woke up and could move. I opened my eyes at that point, but I could have swore I never went back to sleep. I freaked out and called my husband back right away. After calming down my husband told me that I called him back immediately after we hung up the first time. So when I checked the timestamp on the cell. It was a minute difference! CRAZY! That I will never forget. THEN I got pregnant with my son. ALL paralysis episodes stopped completely. After I had him they picked up again, but not as frequent. They never occurred when I was pregnant with my daughter either. And ever since having her in 2011. I have had only one episode.

So after reading about Astral Projection. I am slightly excited. My mom and grandmother did the same thing and my mom claimed to have levitated before, but I just thought she was making it up. Is this something I can work on? I read something about having kids might make it impossible.

On to the baby psychic dreams:

I had 4 total dreams while I was pregnant that my son was a BOY. It became a strong sensation that I went out and bought a blue baby book the day before the ultrasound confirmed it. The last dream I had showed that my son was born and then he immediately looked at me and talked and said "my sister can come now." For a good year before I got pregnant again. I was having girl dreams. Sure enough I now have my daughter. Well after having my daughter I have had a few boy dreams again. One in particular was *my family and I were at some sort of stadium that was going through a tornado. We were running for a bunker where the doors were closing on us and we were running as fast as we could to get inside. My husband was carrying my son and daughter and I was carrying TWO baby boys.* Since my baby dreams have proven correct. I'm wondering if this is a sign of possible twin boys? Or maybe the next two kids will be boys? Also, my mother always has tornado dreams before something crazy happens. So my mom was excited to hear that dream.

One more thing, sorry this is long:

My mom had predicted the birth of my daughter before we even had the ultrasound. She predicted that she would be born on my grandmother's birthday. I told her she was nuts because that would put my daughter at being born at 36 weeks. Well, the morning my grandmother's birthday (Who died a long time ago by the way) my mom called at 7 in the morning in a panic asking if everything was okay. I told her yes and she told me that she had a dream that *she heard a baby crying so she was trying to find my son. My grandmother was in the dream just smiling at her. My mom was mad and yelling at her to help her find my son. My grandma just kept smiling.* That was the dream. After she told me the dream I was like "seriously mom, I am only 36 weeks and I know it is grandma's birthday, but I am NOT having my baby girl today. Well guess what. She was born by 10 pm that night!

Thanks for reading this huge mess! Please comment! These are just the exciting experiences. Other little ones are I can tell a song is about to play on the radio right before it comes on? And I also go to grab my phone right before it even rings. That happens all of the time.

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mwilcock (11 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-09)
Hi! You sent me a message on my story of me identifying sex of baby or people who are expecting.
I can do this by looking at them and I hear the voice tell me what it is. I thought you were having a girl, Sorry if i'm wrong. Can you please keep me up dated on the sex. I don't use the lap top much so i'm new at all this 😳 I'm still making a few mistakes.
Nice story.mwilcock
curious26 (2 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-17)
Hi, I am also new to this site. It got to the point that my dreams led me to research. I dreamt of my son being a boy the night before his ultrasound and he was. When there was no way I could possibly be pregnant is when I continue to dream I am. But I would dream I was pregnant months before I found out I was. I never knew what to think about my dreams if they were just intuition or what. I also grab the phone before a text comes through and everytime I look at the clock its 4:20. I will wake up and see it or in the afternoon. I am soooo happy I found this site.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-29)
Sparkleworks, the research information will help.

May I suggest you ask your Angels to show you
The light.
If you picture a protection over you and your home plus bed before sleep.
Ask Angles to show you the light!
Hold them to it!

Do you do any smudging around your home.
Or use anything to clear the space inside the home?
amymarie (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Sparkleworks: I have, but not for very long, I got too excited and lost focus. The first time it took me, or I took me to an old house that I had never been to, but it had some of my possesions in it. When I tried to move forward though, it felt like I was being jerked forward many times, like a layer of me would move first and the rest would follow. The second felt like I was in a river, I wasn't breathing, but I wasn't drowning either. I feel very connected to water but I have a fear of the deep. It seemed like I was training or something, but I kept popping in and out of conciousness. I try to focus on letting go of my tight grip on the physical, and to feel and accept the vibrations, it seems to work
, though I'm still learning. Maybe try that when you feel the paralysis coming? Thanks for the input about my dreams, time will tell I guess. Hope it helps!
Sparkleworks (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Amymarie, You have astral projected? I kept training myself to realize when I was in sleep paralysis and to get out of it. But now after I have learned about astral projection...I'm like well now I know that I was "realizing" I was in this state. But you have to apparently get pass that to astral project?

Through my experiences you could very well be pregnant or you are going to be in the near future. And maybe even a boy? My twin dream has me freaked out a little. Haha.

PathR - Thanks for the info! I have been reading up on the astral projection stuff. I definitely have to get through my fears of the paralysis.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Strange you should speak of levitation.
There is an old archive radio: Kindome of Nye by Art Bell.
Many years ago, 8 to 10 years ago.
A Native American medicine man spoke of levitating.
There are certain Hindu Yogi's that can levitate. People think this is not attainable but it
Is! It has to do with our energy centers, (chakras).
For the Christian perspective: Jesus Christ walked
On water and in one scripture said, "Greater things
Shall you do".

It makes complete sense the paralysis stopping.
When a woman is pregant our hormones are working over time and the bodily function is center all its energy on the fetus. After we give birth the hormones take a beating and it takes time for them to be running.

If you find you go into paralysis.
It would be wise to invest in material and understanding on Astral projection, in part when
People project there is the paralysis.
And your not mentioning any interfearance.

Thanks for the story that was interesting.
amymarie (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
I also have a strong feeling that if he is born, he will have a gift also. I feel like if the mother has abilities awakening during an important time of a child's growth, its more likely they will be passed down? Thats just speculation though, but maybe it'll make sense for us!

P.S. When I get sleep paralysis, I find having no fear and feeling FIERCE towards a negative energy, if it is indeed that (sometimes I get confused between that and astral projection being asleep and all) and it should let go. You have to command it to leave though, filling the room with bright white light and asking for protection will help too:)
amymarie (2 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
Hello! I'm new too, I've been experiencing many of the same things! Sleep paralysis, astral projection, and pregnancy dreams. I dreamt of my son a year ago, long before it was even a thought. He was about 3 or four in my dream and I had to save him from an abusive older man. Just recently, (in the past couple months) I've started having dreams that I was pregnant. It started as dreaming of a positive pregnancy test, then developed into while I was dreaming just KNOWING I was pregnant, and just recently I had a friend come and tell me that I was and that I should take care of myself. Its way too early to tell, but through you're experiences, what do you think?

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