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I've discovered my abilities for about ten months now. One random night spirits started talking to me, and then - BAM. I got the five Claire's and I've lost three of them - clairailience, clairaudience, and clairgustance. The worst time of my life was when I just started and I was seeing spirits left and right, hearing voices and feeling people follow me. And yes, my parents had my brain checked and I was completely healthy.

Things got better, and I adapted after meeting a few Reiki masters. I wasn't born with the "dark eye", what the people of my country call a natural medium. I only saw auras and premonitions for clairvoyance and was intuitive, empathic, telepathic, and able to use the dowsing ability for clairsentience. (Also, I can use energy healing, but even normal humans can learn that.)

I struggled with empathy and telepathy - and I'm STILL struggling. Most of the times I get affected by other's emotions. When they get angry, I get irritated and snap at people, and I don't have any crystals with me at school, so I just go in a bad mood for the rest of the day. As for being telepathic, it's even worse. I'm accused of cheating and copying the person next to me because my work pieces (usually drawings and ideas) are always the same. What does this mean? Am I affecting them with my thoughts, or are they affecting me? And when I'm reading or watching television, I think about something that would happen in the plot or a particular object for no reason. And then whatever I thought happens. Are these predictions?

One point I'm making here: telepathy isn't a sentence that you project to people - it's an emotion or a feeling or a random thought inside your head. And I'd like you - if you're a developed empath/telepath, answer my questions about being clairsentient.


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YXE306 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-03)
mattyrobs1010: I have always likened my abilities to a connection to 'the collective'. I giggled when I read your comment... I don't have pains or anything, but I do on occasion hear 'information' which I wouldn't normally know about... Example: When I was 20ish I was driving with my family in a minivan when it suddenly made an odd noise. My father asked 'what the hell was that' I told him it was the catalytic convertor (sp?) Turned out it was! Could have blown me over I still to this day (20+ years later) have no idea what that is! LOL My 'information' seems to come when someone asks me a question... I haven't really tried asking myself questions, not sure I'd believe myself;) I have a gift for communicating with babies... They scream and freak out and I just look them in the eye and 'send' them a picture of a clown... They stare at me, stop crying and start giggling. Works everytime. I can also read Aura's and am known for being a good judge of character because of it.

Having been through some extremely negative life lessons in the past few years my abilities seem to have diminished excessively... I am currently working on getting them back - my fear is that it will be stronger than I am used to.
mattyrobs1010 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-30)
okay, now that I actually read what you guys wrote, it makes a lot more sense to me... Hehe sry for my lil rant 😜 😕 BUT I have experienced similar things with the images being pushed... Has someone ever sent you images you didn't want? Like violence/negative events?... Or have you ever walked by someone, and when they looked at you, your mind started flooding with all kinds of images... I have felt like I have known people that I have never met, cause of this happening from time to time. It donesnt happen alot, but sometimes, its like I'm being forced to watch someone elses life through their eyes, things theyve done, people theyve hurt... Its not pleasant... Most of my experience with it have been negative. Is what I'm getting at... Anyone feel the same? Or can elaborate on that? I try to be positive, but I attract so much negative... I'm like the opposite side of a magnet, and after awhile, its effected me, kind of changed me... 😐
mattyrobs1010 (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-30)
being telepathic is a burden to me... Becaause its never fully accurate, AND when it is, rarely, have to be perfect conditions, and so many sensory perceptions always get in the way, it can be soo draining. A few times, it felt as if my brain was expanding, like a balloon being blown up and let out, it literally feels like an aneurism/hemorrhage probably does... If its incredibly painful throbbing pulsating sensation, then all the machines around me start malfunctioning, and it feels like I'm in an airplane getting altitude sickness because the pressure in my ears gets so heavy and pops as my mind throbs, then other weird stuff happens like water multiplying and spitting out of all the faucets and things turning on and off, then more head/pressure in my ears followed by more nausea, sometimes vomiting with a real telepathic connection... Like when I find someone or dimensional gaps in the remote viewing we used to do... Thats what it took, but a real telepathic connection was established... All the pain and uncomfortableness stopped, but the most annoying part... Is the f'ing psychic or telepathic connection didnt, its still happening, every second... It never turns off now, its like I'm connected with the heart of some universal collective... But everyone elses senses get mixed in from time to time, so its hard to determine whom I'm hearing/feeling/yattayatta and unless I mediate or concentrate or distract myself with something trivial, its soooo annoying, it never ends... Real telepaths f'ing hate it, NOT TO NAY SAY, against what you have described... Just saying, after awhile, it gets old... Real old... 😭
Spinx21 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-27)
I may be able to help with the telepathy thing I first discovered my ability whilst talking to a medium. I was trying to explain something that I had experience when she stopped me and told me I just projected the images of what happened to her. The situation with you getting accused for cheating at school is pretty common I myself had the same problem. You are wondering if its you altering the thoughts of others or they you... Well I can't speak for everyone but based on my personal experiences it goes both ways I have received thoughts feelings and images however the images can sometimes be hard to figure out if the person that your receiving from isn't spiritually gift like us. The best way I found was (which I was lucky with this) that my best friend believed me so we got a deck of cards the first time he held the cards he would draw one and I would guess whether or not it was red or black. After we had gone through our turns at sending and receiving we found that I was better at sending then receiving however after some time our games became more advanced I started being able to guess the suite and sometime the number of the card. This also has helped me with control by practicing I now don't get in trouble for cheating however I do know when someone gets excited about and idea in class because they tend to shout the answer in their mind which I find funny... Some of the things I have found out when people shout with their mind lol

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