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Can This Be A Real Telepathic Experience?


I'm an Empath and I have clairsensience and claircognizance. I always had it all my life but only found out about it about 4 months ago when I've had a spiritual awakening.

At that time I met a guy through a string of synchronicities that led me to him. I felt something really different from what I've experienced before, a deep attraction behind the physical. I pick up his emotions and thoughts quite well.

We've become friends and are in touch but he's still solving some issues with his ex so nothing really happened between us.

Recently I sensed an increase in the intensity of his feelings for me, and I even did a tarot reading with a psychic that confirmed this to me. He also started to contact me more often, although he still doesn't reveal his feelings to me.

The thing is, since last week when there was this shift in intensity, I've started to feel him almost all the time from a distance! I totally feel his feelings and thoughts and yesterday I even picked up he was going to send me a tex message just minutes before he did.

This is driving me insane! I'm basically feeling him all the time and the fact that he doesn't do anything about it is driving me even more crazy because I feel the amount of energy! I just feel like picking up the phone and saying to him: please either say you like me or stop thinking about me, because I can't stand it anymore!

I definitely never felt this before with anyone and would really like to be with him in a relationship, but he seems to not be ready yet to be with me, although he's getting this increase in intensity.

Can he be my twin flame or soulmate and that's why I'm picking up all this?

Any advice on what I can do?

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-17)
In answer to your title question, yes, it sounds like a telepathic experience. You seem to be an empath, able to feel the feelings of others. There also seems to be a strong connection between you and this person, one perhaps from a past life. Perhaps try a meditation where you create a safe space somewhere between you, and using your imagery, invite him with love in your heart to join you in this safe place. But that is all it is. It is a safe place where you can connect. You must commit to a loving, supportive place for both of you. When you focus on a place between you, you also allow his feelings to go there, and you can go there to sense them, but also be away from there and shield yourself from them. As an empath, learning self protection will help strengthen your abilities. You choose when to allow these energies near you. I hope this helps. I, too, am an empath. It has taken me years to learn to protect myself. I am still not always great at it. But blocking is as important as sensing. And this gives you your power back. I wish you both the best as you explore whatever it is you might have to resolve in this incarnation.
ProfKelly (38 posts)
10 years ago (2014-12-11)
In my professional opinion, based on the limited information you have conveyed, it sounds to me as though you 'may' have an obsessive personality in conjunction with the onset of heightened stress or anxiety over this developing relationship sitting at a standstill.

I say this because you seem to be engaging in compulsive extrasensory checking and monitoring, and likely non-psychical checking and monitoring. Extrasensory Obsession and Compulsion can result in excessive, but comprehensible extrasensory information that may occur continuously, is mentally and/or physically exhausting, may result in minor to major functional impairments, and is due to heightened anxiety, obsession, and compulsion.

What I mean by excessively checking and monitoring, is that you seem to be focusing, at the very least at the subconscious level, on how he is feeling all of the time (i.e. Was feeling, is feeling, will feel), and perhaps why he feels or thinks the way he does. On one hand, you are living in the present, but remotely (i.e. Focused entirely on the present activities of another person), and on the other hand you may be living too much in the past (i.e. Focusing on the root cause of your anxiety and afraid the root cause may happen again).

I recommend being more mindful of when you begin ruminating (i.e. When you are obsessively checking and monitoring him, whether psychically or non-psychically), catch yourself, and resist the compulsion to ruminate (e.g. For instance by distracting yourself with a task that requires your full attention that does not relate to him in any way).

Confronting your associated fears, along with the root cause of those fears (i.e. Something in your past that may be evoking these current anxious emotions; maybe related to a relationship that ended badly in the past or issues that may have led to a lack of self-esteem or a current fear of abandonment), and discontinuing your escape response (i.e. Allowing yourself to ruminate to avoid the associated anxiety of not knowing) will lead you through the process of desensitization and the long-term reduction in obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors.

This will in turn cease this excessive amount of empathic/clairvoyant information you keep receiving from him.

Again, these suggestions are only based on what little I have read about you here, I could be way off based entirely, but there were too many indications to ignore. I hope you find this information helpful, as I have found it helpful for many others with similar stories.

You can find a bit more information on this on my website here:

Best of luck!

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