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Fallen Angel? Shadow Figure Ouija


In 2009 I used to go to a boarding school and I overheard one of my classmates talking about Ouija boards. I bluntly told them excitedly I'm going to make one. My class mate turned around and told me don't mess with Ouija boards they aren't good news.

And I said to my classmate Carson. I told him I'm still going to make one.

The truth is I was interested in the idea. I was also curious.

My dormmate Taylor had decided to go sleep in one of her friends dorm rooms. Cause it had spread that I was going to use a Ouija board. She was scared.

So that night I used it with a bead and string. There was a lightning storm going on that night. Thunder was really monstrous.

Earlier that night a bolt of lightning had struck the exercise building.

Any way it was dark and I had just finished using the Ouija board I started go hear noises outside my open window. And I saw a shadow slowly heading up the steps to the roof in front of my window.

It was a shadow male like form. I sat on my bed watching it get closer. Half curiosity half my heart was pounding hard in fear.

The next thing I knew I was pushed onto my bed and I was paralyzed. I could only move my eyes nothing else.

Then I tried to speak no words came out.

Earlier that day my teacher had been talking about archangels and how Gabriel was some archangel of light. I didn't know about arch angels before that.

And this wasn't religious school he was just a really firm christian. I have nothing against Religion. In fact his words about the archangel Gabriel helped me out of my predicament that was entirely my fault.

Then I feared the shadow figure was going to do something to Me So remembering what my teacher tom said. I mentally said 'Gabriel help me' in my mind and I heard a voice in my mind say 'out loud '

I was finally able to whisper again 'Gabriel help me.' And my eyes went dark. I couldn't see. And I heard ' come back into the light'.

And I was unconscious. When I awoke it had only felt like that happened seconds earlier. And the sun was shining brightly into my room. The sun was warm.

Now let me tell you the shadow guy felt inhuman and he was kind of being a bit of a theatric by slowly making his way up the roof steps, now that I look back on it I think of the jaws movie theme song.

I know now I was stupid using a Ouija board, I was naive. But hey i'm only human and teenagers are very curious. I think if I didn't' ask for help the inhuman shadow guy could of raped me. I'm very thankful I was protected. Thank you gabriel:)!

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eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-22)
Also I have a lot of friends in the spirit realm. So it can ve kind of overwhelming sometimes, I prabably don't meditate as much as I should. Anyways thank you for the comment:)!
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-22)
Sorry timfaroas about last time. I was pmsing. Woman stuff. Sorry. I say crazy stuff around that time. So I apologize. I understand you were just trying to help. Also the fact I have a bunch of creepy demons hitting on me is very stressful. So I sincerely apologize. I didn't mean a word of it. I like that you are genuine and try and help people. A woman does crazy stuff on her cycle. No joke. I wrote an apology a while back after writing that. Sometimes I really don't like being a woman and having to go through that. So yes I never meant to write that and yes I did write an awkward apology a while back. So yeah I'm truly sorry:)! I actually do appreciate and like you comments. Maybe next time I won't write reviews on my time of the month sorry dude:)!
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-22)
Eleiriel. Nice photo! On another post you told me 'put a sock in it, don't bash people with religion'. Well, read my prophile for your answer... People are free to do as they want. I just suggest CAUTION! In the bible it sais: don't believe or trust ANY spirit. TEST THE SPIRITS! Because you yourself have experienced dark spirits, (and were lucky to get away with it LOL!), so you should be more careful... And WARN others!...once bitten, twice shy! And i'm glad that you believe in God and Angels... So you should read God's word also, which is the bible! Best of luck! Stay safe. God bless!
pdp (1 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-18)
Did the ouija board when I was a kid...didn't work out well... Saw evil and such... I think if you are gifted... You experience it. If not well, not... I don't use or have the board now... No good from it for me... It let's everything through... There are better ways to communicate...Paul
eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-16)
I've learned my lesson right after it happened six years ago. I will never do that again without protection. I guess curiosity killed that cat. Thanks:)
TanTan (3 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-16)
That's a nice story, liked it. But be careful next time when it comes to things like this... =)

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