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I have been having a lot of unexplainable things happen to me since I was a kid. I was in denial for years and thought that these experiences were just coincidences. Until a couple of years ago, I started to believe in my abilities, because enough was enough, there couldn't be that many coincidences everyday numerous times a day.

Now I finally accepted the fact that I am indeed psychic. I know when something bad is going to happen, I know when people want to speak to me on the phone or when they're going to call, I know when I'm going to see someone that I haven't seen for years and other things from the future. It's pretty scary what I'm capable of. I scare myself and others.

From time to time spirits visit me in my dreams, but it doesn't really feel like I'm dreaming. The most intense dreams that I have seem to always come true. Last week, I dreamt that there was a fire in my aunt's house, and it was so intense that I had to tell my mom. Later that evening my mom went over to my aunt's house for a get together and the house smelt like smoke. My mom asked what had happened and and my aunt said that there was a fire. My mom called me right away and said that she's so scared because my dream had come true.

I know that I'm psychic. There's nothing else that could explain it. Yet everyday I seem to shock myself time and time again.

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