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My Unexplainable Weird Psychic Experiences


I started experiencing weird stuffs when I was 6 years old and it was in our creepy old house. There was a time when my nanny told me that she'll just go outside to buy snacks. I was all alone, scared, because I know there is something that I knew I'm the only one who can sense in our house. After a few minutes, I decided to hide in our closet in case my nanny gets home she'll get alarmed because I'm missing. But several minutes passed, she still didn't come back. Then I suddenly become afraid for I remembered the story that my nanny always tell me; about a little girl who always hide in her closet then suddenly, one afternoon she just disappeared. So I decided to go back to our living room. It was 3pm sharp. While I was sitting there, waiting for my nanny to come back, I saw a lady walking from my room, going to our dining room. I know exactly that she's a ghost but she look liked my nanny so I talked to her. But I'm really wondering at that time on how she came out from my room. I keep on telling her, "ATE, ATE!", but she didn't bother looking at me. Then suddenly, she opened our refrigerator and gets my Yakult (a drink for a good digestion, mostly for kids). I was very shocked. I asked myself, "how can a ghost do that?" then I said to her, "Ate, if you want my Yakult or some of my foods, just tell me. You know I'm not selfish". But of course, she didn't reply. She just goes to our bathroom, and then I heard something that was thrown in the garbage can. I was really scared at that time, but I still checked her in our bathroom. No one was there, but I saw the Yakult bottle in the garbage can. Then after a few seconds, a cold wind rushed into my skin.

Another incident was when I and my cousin were playing in our living room. My nanny was just sitting on the couch watching us. Then I just suddenly stop playing and ran to my nanny. My cousin noticed me and does the same. While, the three of us were sitting on the couch, a man just came out from my room and a lady from our dining room. I was so shocked. Then I look at my cousin, she looked so scared. I ask her if she can also see what I'm seeing, then she said yes. But my nanny can't see the ghosts; she just told us that we are just delusional. BTW, that is the day when my cousin started seeing ghosts. Until now, she can still see ghosts; but unlike me, she can't hear them.

This one is the most terrifying incident that ever happened to me. It was already bedtime, but I can't sleep. My mom told me that my feet should face the door not the window. I know that it's bad, but I still followed her. I'm not really comfortable with that position, and really having a hard time sleeping. While I was sleeping, I dreamt about my parents and I and my nanny in a very small house. There was an angel sitting in the front door. I knew that he was an angel but still, I want him to go away. But he just stared at me, and when I looked into his eyes, he's telling me that "No, I can't, you're in a great danger! I need to protect you". Then I look outside the house. There, I saw small demons, they look like dwarf but very scary. They have very sharp teeth, red burned skins, long pointed nails, small pointed horns, long tails, and a black trident. They don't even wear clothes, so I assumed that they are all man. I don't know what I'm thinking in my dream but I insist the angel to go away though I know there are lots of demons outside the house. The angel sadly followed my command. He just walked away 3 steps from the door then faced the door and just stand up. Right after he stood up, the demons immediately ran inside the house and ate me since I've given all my scapulars to my parents and nanny because I don't want them to get hurt. I just shout and shout and asked for help but my parents can't do anything because I don't want them to take off the scapulars I gave them, and the angel just stared at me, crying. I don't know why he isn't helping me. Then after that, I don't know what happened to me in my dream. I just woke up. I was so scared because the door in my room is almost open and I could already see our whole living and dining room then something just move there.

I keep on seeing the images of the demons even I'm already awake. Cold wind keeps on rushing to my skin but I'm perspiring. I keep on shouting for help, but I don't know why my parents can't hear me. As far as I know, I've already shouted 15 times before my mom heard me. Then I looked at the clock, it was 3am sharp! I was really really scared! I told this story to my parents but they didn't believe me. I know they didn't believe because I hear their thoughts but I don't know how. They are like talking to their selves that I'm just making up stories, and it's natural because, I'm just a kid. I'm only 6 years old. BUT every time I tell this story to someone, there is always something bad happens to me. It's either I'll have nightmares or accidents will happen to me. PROVEN!

My mind reading gets really serious when I was 12 years old. That was the time I started answering back my parents for I can't determine if they are talking to me or just thinking. Also, every time I hear what they are thinking, I always react for I know that what they are thinking of me isn't true. They were always surprised because I already have an answer. They're always saying that, "I haven't saying anything but you already have answers! That's why you always get spanked, let us speak first! And don't you ever tell us what to say!" And I was always like, "sorry, I didn't mean to... I just..." (I remember, I can't answer). The advantage of reading the thoughts of people is that, I know if they're telling me the truth or not, if they are keeping secrets from me, what they're thinking of me, and just knowing the answer without asking them. But the disadvantages are, I can't control it, sometimes, I'll just hear something in my mind and I don't know if someone is talking to me or he/she's just thinking it. I can't sometimes determine if it's my thoughts or not. There are times when my teacher got lots of things in her mind, she's very puzzled, she's got lots of problem, then I'll just suddenly think what she's thinking, and because it's so many and really hard to fix, I'll get a headache. It's just, every time I can hear thoughts, it isn't intentional; but if I want to read someone's thoughts, I would only have 85% right.

Back to the ghost thingy, last year, while I was eating my breakfast, I turned my mp3 on. The song was mellow, and then suddenly, I heard a girl humming in my ears; it was a very old song I think and I was in our dining room in our new house that time. Then I got scared and closed the mp3, but the girl keeps on humming. So I just immediately go to school. The second time was at the stairs. While I was going down, I heard a girl talking to me, whispering in my right ear. But I can't understand her because she's talking very fast and it lasted for 15 seconds. I know at that time that it's the ghost in our house but I still asked my cousins if they are talking to me. Then one of my cousins suddenly had a cold feeling (she's the one in my second story) and tell us to go to the living room. While we are sitting there, her eyes widened and told me that she saw the girl who whispered to me on the stairs. I didn't see the ghost because I was facing my cousins that time. But I already had seen that ghost many times when I'm alone.

One thing about me also is I think I'm an empath. I can sometimes feel people's emotion buy just looking at them, I know/I can really feel if something bad will happen, and can feel the physical aches of someone.

One more thing is that I always know what will happen next. But since I don't want to believe that I'm always having a precognition, I always ignoring it. But when accidents always happen to me or just something bad, I'll just tell to myself, "this is what I've seen earlier". I don't know how it happens but it always comes true. Like for example, (this really happened) while my friend and I were in the pedicab, I saw myself picking a coin on the ground then when I get up, I saw the front of a bus was 1inch from my head, then people around me looked so shocked talking and pointing their fingers at me. Then guess what, that really happens! Right after we go out the pedicab and walk to the other side of the street, I accidentally dropped my coin on the ground. I thought my friend would get the coin but she didn't. So I decided to slowly pick the coin while smiling at her and joking, "Thank you for picking my coin, you're such a good friend!" Then someone just pulled me up, it was my friend, and I saw the front part of the bus, it was already 1inch from my head, and the people looking at me, alarmed and very scared. This always happens to me, and it really helps. But I still don't know if I'm having premonitions or it's just a coincidence.

When I was young, my grandfather always tells me that I am special, but I don't know what does he means by that. Then I heard a fortune teller (a friend of my grandfather) tell my grandpa when she saw me when I passed by her that I'm special, I don't think the way other normal people think, that my grandpa should take good care of me because I would be the one who will... Then she paused, I think she noticed that I was eavesdropping. She just whispered the last remaining words. I don't know, but I feel that she's telling him positive things about me.

That's all, but not all. I really need some answers. And why does every time its 3pm sharp I always encounter ghosts or bad things always happens to me. I so scared. I don't know if I'm still normal. I'm feeling so alone. My parents can't understand me. I'm the only one who knows about my ability. Is this a gift or am I just cursed? Is this something I should be proud of or should be ashamed of? I want to talk to our guidance councilor about this because we're very close, but I don't know if she will understand or believe me. I can't even help myself.

*sorry, I'm not not good in english...

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dragonflies23 (3 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-20)
I think you have a unique gift, that if used properly could be a great tool for you. Do not be afraid of it, or of what other people will say or think. When you have confidence in yourself and in your ability more people will be less likely to poke fun at you.

I would study up on these things, there are a million books out there that can help you. And connecting to others like how you are through this website and other sites will also help you. Remember you are not alone, you are not the only person out there that this happens to. Remember there are no instant answers or fixes that will make this all better or go away. You have been given this gift, now you must learn how to use it to help you.

Good luck and many Blessings!

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