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I am writing on this website for advice. I apologize if my story is irrelevant to psychic abilities, but I need some advice and feel that my 'experiences' are something of the paranormal.

Actually, this is very hard for me to explain, and yet again, I apologize if this is something irrelevant or foolish.

Sometimes, at irregular intervals, I find myself being 'dragged' into some sort of memory or event; but not any of my memories. I see certain events and people, sometimes sketchy and sometimes vivid. They seem familiar, but at the same time, it's people I don't recognize in my life now. This particular feeling only lasts for about a minute, in which I am completely pulled into the 'vision'. I can't think about or hear anything else, and I get a strange sort of feeling in my stomach, as if I'm going down a hill and my stomach is sort of dropping and flipping.

When the 'memory' or 'vision' is over, and I have 'returned' back to the normal, I can't remember a thing that I had just seen/witnessed so vividly. I always try to remember anything that I have seen, but I never can. It happens spontaneously and out of the blue, I can't control it when it happens and I am my attention is fully in what I am seeing until I come out of it. When I do come out of it, the strange stomach feeling is gone and I cannot remember what I just saw. This may sound even stranger, but it feels as if something or someone doesn't want me to remember what I saw or see anymore. I'm only supposed to see what I do.

Thanks for any help from anyone, and yet again apologies if I have wasted your time and it is nothing.

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cbsmurph (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-30)
Hello christel, I am not an expert but my small knowlede tells me that you may be experiencing one of two things. There is only one way you can find out for sure waht it is. First, a possibility is that you are experiencing two dimensions of your personal reality; two separate live that are lived by your consciousness, seperated by your belief systems and the choice to experience it seperately. Can b a good or bad thing upon your own choosing. (His would be the most obvious to me. The second is that you are being conscious of other realms. You and your higher self (you) have agreed to do this for learning or you accidentally accessed these other realms by means of your own focused energy being moved (confusing I know). The only thing you can do is to meditate and request knowlede of this and also to request to remember. If you can hold patience you will be handed the answers by your higher self In the form of ideas and other means you will eventually recognise. Request a relationship with your higher self and keep your desire for that and it will come to be. If you have questions ill be happy to try and answer you if I can. Your desire for the truth and your love for yourself are the most important tools you will need to have if you want answers to be produced. Peace 😁
Christel22 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-23)

It must have been nothing then I spose o.O 😢

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