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You're Not Alone


The title says it all. You're not alone. I'm a 17 year old that has had psychic and mediumship abilities my whole life. I can see, hear and feel spirits. I also have precognitive dreams. I get "visions" from the past and future. I have other abilities as well.

For the longest time I have felt alone. I felt like no one understood what I was going through, like an outsider. I started looking for psychic/medium support groups on the internet but never really found one. I started to give up and meeting others like me until I found this site. As I was reading some of the articles I realized that others felt just as alone as I did.

I wanted to say to anyone that feels alone, or like no one understands them, that there are others out there like you, you're not the only one, you're not crazy. I know the feeling of loneliness doesn't just go away by reading articles, so I wanted to give anyone who would like to talk about it, or who feels alone with their abilities to email me at, I would be more than happy to talk to others who have gifts, especially around my age.

For anyone who thinks their insane, you're not. Others out there are seeing spirits, are precognitive, see auras, and many more different things. I used to think that I was going crazy. Before I did research on my gifts a couple years ago I thought I was going crazy. Then I heard of psychics and mediums, that's when I realized that I had the abilities. At first I didn't know how to take it, I once again felt like an outsider. I thought "what if people find out" I thought this up until the point I told some of my closest friends about my abilities.

They told me they believed me luckily, I even helped contact some of their passed loved ones. Anyway, I just wanted to remind others they are not alone in this world, there's others going through the same thing we are. Remember, you can email me to talk about this at

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Quelminda (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-04)
God and Goddess, our stories are exactly the same. I've seen the dead since I was a little girl, and I'm now 17. My father just started talking to me about experiences we had when I was younger and we've just started talking about it openly. He told me he was "freaked out" by my abilities as a child and I was told not to speak about it again and never did. Now I'm discovering people I can talk to about it, and new abilities I never knew I had.

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