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Knowledge. I am a 21 year old from New Brunswick, Canada. I am a very open individual who is personally interested in honing my personal spiritual awareness. This isn't a new concept to me but I personally have never fully grasped the control of my spirit, or personal awareness in my dreams. And I am attempting to dig into my subconscious for the answers I believe are there.

I personally practice wicca, as for it has helped to open my mind to the idea of control over my full consciousnesses. People are extremely misinformed about the practice of wicca, where my personal experience with it is my own. It is impossible to sway from the path of wicca because it is a path you create and interpret through your own personal experience. Some people consider ritual, using tools like the wand, the pendulum, the pen, and the book of shadows (among others) to resolve an issue in their life, by eliminating it from there mind. Drawing a sacred circle and sitting within it chanting, and picturing the problem non existent. Or at an alter performing ritual to get this effect. Where I personally believe that I don't need these physical restrictions, and can do all this in my mind to result in the same effect. You won't see me alone at an alter with the candles of the goddess and god lit, burning a picture that I drew of the problem I was having and then burning it to visualize it leaving my life. But you may see me separate myself from distraction, and focus on the problem I am having, and visualize it being resolved. This has worked for me personally, and I practice the way I practice because I believe it benefits me in the physical and spiritual realms of existence.

I am very open to the idea of extra dimensional beings, and the vibrations that separate them from the physical, but will need more research before I can attach an opinion to the matter, because a misinformed opinion won't benefit anyone.

I believe in free knowledge, and wish that everyone on the planet earth could be as open minded as i, so I could help them to broaden their understanding, but I can't help but feel it is an impossible achievement, because we have (for example) the united states. A society that is being pumped full of G.M.O's, and kept in the dark about everything going on around them, a state that is basically brainwashed into thinking they are stupid, and should lead monotonous lives working at McDonalds so that a corporation can pump more G.M.O's, making more stupid people, and the rich get richer. I feel like the goal of freeing them from that path is impossible, because it is something they have to overcome for themselves. Tear themselves away from it and then look at it from an outside perspective and realize "Holy shiat, how did I miss all this".

But this is all my opinion, and you are free to criticize and debunk my opinion. For it is mine and you cannot disprove what I believe without first looking at my opinion objectively. Grasping what I believe and then attempting to disprove it. Which gets the wheel going in the right direction of freeing yourself from cockamamie ideas of self imprisonment. My personal psychic experience is really just me, visualizing in my head a problem iv had for example, one week I was really strapped for cash and I needed more money, I didn't want to sell or pawn my personal possessions for the money, because that doesn't get you anywhere. So I looked at myself in the mirror, and said "You will be fine." That night as I lie in bed thinking about my problem (because it was something I just couldn't get out of my head that I might not make rent this month) I turned to what I read in a book of wicca I rented from the library (I know right, a library) and visualized myself being handed money. Only the cash I needed to make my rent. Then I pictured myself taking this money to my bank, and depositing it into my account. Just in time for it to be taken out, and my rent being received in full. I kept visualizing this money being given to me by someone, but not my employer or a personal friend because I couldn't count on my friends to just fork over their hard earned money, and my employer did everything she could to get my the hours I had. Regardless I just kept thinking like this until I fell asleep. The next day my grandfather had given me a call, he said he needed a hand up at his place to get it ready for his 70th birthday party. I said sure, and headed up his way, so I work for a good 2 or 3 hours and was getting ready to head back home when my grandfather walks over to me and puts money in my hand. I didn't count it at first because I think that's rude, I just put it in my pocket. When I had a very intense deja'vu, like it had all happened before. So I thank my grandfather a we parted ways. I drove to my house only a few minutes away and stepped through the door of my home. I went into my pocket and took out the money and counted 80$ only 5$ more then what I needed. To pay the rest of my rent.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
A pleasure to read your story!
The wording depicts many pictures: metaphysical visualization,
Buddhist, plus visualizing hope and faith to receive.

Thanks for sharing!
jwjl1 (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-07)
I am wiccan as well and I have found that my knowledge and understanding of the universe has increased markedly since I started meditating and focusing on being receptive to the energies around me, and I also am finding that 'luck' tends to be in my favor recently even if it isn't obvious at first, but an adverse effect is the strong visions/panic attacks I have started having recently. Hopefully the God and Goddess will make their plan apparent soon, because I am starting to get a tad freaked out. Maybe we can chat sometime?

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