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My Personal Awakening


I have always believed there is another realm or life after the one we live. I have never paid much attention to any sounds or seeing something out of the corner of my eye, until now.


The house we are in now, many people have lived here. When we moved in five years ago, my husband and I both heard music and conversations but, we dismissed the sounds. About 6 weeks ago, the music started waking me up about 1:47am. I would wake up and have the intense feeling of being watched. I would leave my lamp on, dozing on and off until about 3:30 am. This went on for about 2 weeks. I was scared and very tired.

When I would be watching television, my dog and I would hear the back door mini blind rattle as if someone came in and no one did. He would bark at the door. I would hear my name being called when I was in the kitchen. I would turn around thinking someone came in and no one was there.

Another event to this experience is that my grand daughter saw a girl "spirit" in our dining room on two separate occasions, she is three years old. We did not see, only she did. We never have discussed the experiences in the house in front of her ever.   There was no other person in the home. We asked the girl "spirit" to leave and my grand daughter said she did. This also bothered me and I remembered seeing as if someone was going around the door from my dining room to the kitchen and no one was there, which I had seen many times but, I had also put this out of my thoughts.

I finally told my niece about my experiences, she was not surprised. Come to find out, my mother, my two sisters, my niece and her daughter  have all had experiences. A feeling of relief came over me, the more we talked, the more validated I felt. My niece helped me to understand and guided me through my questions.

One of the things she suggested was to bless the house. I had already did that once but, did again. Another suggestion was to talk to the house, so I did. I told the house that I know something was here but, I cannot communicate with them and this waking me up in the early hours had to stop. I did not want to be afraid and I did not want them to be afraid. The very next morning, I was awakened with a series of claps. I asked my husband if he knew Morse Code and he did. The claps I gave him as I heard was MO, which my grand daughter calls me Mo Mo, which was interesting.  I also heard buzzing in my ear that morning and there was no fly or mosquito in my room. Thinking that on their level, whoever was here was trying to communicate with me. Relief, validation and peace of mind are just a few of the feelings that came over me. My home is still active but, more peaceful. There is still music and conversations and knocking noises but, at least I am not afraid.


Another experience that just happened yesterday was at a home where I work. I clean homes for a living. I have worked in this home for about 6 months and never experienced anything or if I did,  I dismissed. I had just finished with the master bath and was ready to mop. I walked out to get the mop, when I came back, in the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom, a purple beach ball. Now, this ball sits just to the right of the door in a corner. I thought at first I may have moved with my walking in and out but, I tried several things to see if it would move and it did not. There were also knocking noises throughout the house. You may dismiss this but, I did not. I told whoever or whatever may had been there with me to stop, I did not want it to continue.

There is another similarity that my husband and I also dismissed. Waking up at 1:11, 2:22 or 3:33. Which may not be odd until it happens very frequently.

When I think back to the experiences that I have dismissed, the things happening now make more sense. I first did not want to believe, I really thought I was just imagining or maybe going "crazy". I do not like that word but, that is how I felt. I know this is a process and I hopefully will continue to learn how to deal or not deal with these experiences. I just wanted to find a place to read other peoples experiences and let them read mine.

Many people say, "If you are weak minded or not a christian or some other excuse, that is why you have these things happen." I don't believe that all what people say is true. I only know what I have experienced and hopefully this will help someone else not be afraid or feel alone.

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