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I've been interested in the psychic mysteries since I was 11 years old, I never really got it until I was 15 (this year).

Sometimes when I sleep my belly, which this is easily induced in a dark room at night time, I feel my soul coming out and I push it outward. I haven't successfully completed my task yet but I definitely expressed some intense sensations.

I feel a strong rocking vibration, something in the room with me, for some reason something holds my neck strongly and I have to bend it to relieve me from that sensation. It feels like the whole reality is changing and I am entering a new dimension, I even start to hear voices, always male, and tall shadowy figures. They can be aggressive sometimes but never malevolent. They are peaceful and intelligent, I think these are my guardian angels.

Anyway, it's a really wonderful feeling and sensation I haven't mastered yet. I've been doing this since July and I've been slowly getting better and better since.

I feel my mind is growing and I am becoming closer to my unconscious mind. I even had powerful psychic dreams of situations and people's hidden feelings to me, something I've never felt before.

Lately, I've even began to have dreams in other people's bodies but I am still "me" (my spirit).

My unconscious reveals things to me more and more as I become more aware of my psychic levels. I begin practicing the Tarot in May when I was 14 and this also helped me become more connected. I still know that I am not experienced and I'm immature and learning. I wish for your advice.

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JadenIsHere (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-18)
Hey, I'm Jaden. I can manipulate energy, and create different kinds of it. I've also started dabbling in astral projection this last year or so. I'm very inexperienced and so far I've never left my house. My vision is always too dark so if there were figures around me I probably wouldn't see them. I can make out walls and doors and stuff and I can fly easily enough. Lately I've been trying to improve my sight while in astral projection, cause it's no fun if I can't see barely anything. I did read somewhere though that it is harder to see in some of the lower astral realms so I'm going to raise my vibes next time. I'm just telling you this in case any of it seems familiar to you. If you want to have stronger, longer and more vivid astral projections. (And also stay awake through more of them,) then I'll tell you how to raise and manipulate energies, which, while having several other uses, also help with astral projection. If you're interested my email is thsodpp [at]
By the way, anyone's free to email me and tell me stuff or ask questions.

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