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Spirit Trying To Get My Attention? What Do I Say?


I have had many experiences with the Paranormal throughout my life. Now I'd say probably for the past few years they have become frequent. None have been "evil" or "bad" but they have surprised or scared me. Lately though, funny to say this but, it all started around my birthday. I could not sleep so I got up. Most of the time I can just lay down and I'm find but, there are sometimes where I can't sleep and I get an uneasy feeling like something is there and I've gotta get up. This time though when I saged/dragons blood my entire house it did no good. This time though I've heard a voice trying to get my attention. I have heard it on 3 separate occasions it sounds like its saying "hey" and it sounds like a male voice. No, it's not in my head I actually hear it with my own ears. Just tonight me and my husband did an EVP session and had no such luck though we did get some funny noises but of course it somehow got erased magically ><. Now the thing is I don't know if this message is specifically for me because the only time I've heard anything is when I was alone. The second time I heard it, it was in broad daylight. Now, I did have an experience about a year ago where I saw a golden entity. The entity was outlined in gold and wore robes and had its back to me. I could not tell if it was male or female. I discussed this with a woman who told me she had a similar experience who said this was before she able to communicate with spirits and, this was a sign. The thing is where I saw the entity is around the area where I placed my meditation/prayer table. Me and my husband did not make this connection until recently because, we were always confused as to why the entity's back was turned to me. Now I know why. A part of me is terrified to be able to communicate with spirits and a part of me is so excited. I know I have the ability but, I get almost petrified. Advice/experiences with communication with spirits and how maybe to get over the fear would be greatly appreciated. I know something it trying to get my attention and it seems to be pretty important.

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Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-21)
Try an EVP session to try to know what they want to say. Well, spirit guides do not always try to contact you, so it could be any deceased beloved one. Anyways, if the EVP do not work, try the Flashlight Technique commonly used by TAPS. You need a flashlight which can be turned on by twisting the top. Make sure you are only two or three persons in the whole house, and ensure a dark room at night. Use questions that answer in Yes or No (switch on means yes and switch off means no). If there is any presence and wants to contact, it is the best way. You may also try table tipping.
AmandaLinette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)
It could be a Spirit Guide, an Angel or a Loved One reaching out to you. Maybe it would help to ask for a sign in another way than what you are being shown.


Interpreting them:

Opening your gifts:

How Spirits hear us:

I hope this helps!

With much love,
Hunt9909 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-29)
I shall try the white light projection and grounding method. I have to say I've neglected my meditation and that may be why they are trying to get my attention. Thank you very much for giving me advice! 😁
AmethystSky (7 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-29)
Just a thought, but maybe it's your Spirit Guide trying to communicate with you? I am similar to you in having had a lot of experience with the paranormal throughout my life, but after losing numerous members of my family I was such an emotional wreck that I think I shut off whatever abilities I had.

I recently started trying to reconnect with my abilities, I have been meditating almost every day, which really seems to open the door to so many wonderful things, one of them is being more open to hearing/seeing/feeling your Spirit Guide and/or Higher Beings. You mentioned your meditation/prayer table, so I assume that you meditate also!:)

I used to be petrified of seeing spirits, because of some scary stuff I experienced when I was younger. But now before I do anything...meditate, tarot cards, chakra work...etc, I do a white light protection and I ground myself, this helped me get over my fear and I have not experienced anything negative! There are numerous resources online that can teach you some of these methods.

Just a word of warning, I have heard numerous people say that doing EVP is similar to working with Ouija Boards. You have no control over who/what comes through. And is kind of like opening a door to whatever wants to come through. I hope this helps you a little!:)

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