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I Can Sense What People Are Thinking And See Future


Maybe this is going to sound crazy but I can feel what people think. I can also see future, it's like I just said and it did happen. One of my best friend was going to deceive me but before hand I knew it. I can understand the unspoken words. If I have been ditched by anyone, I can't gain the trust again. If something bad is going to happen it will strike my senses. I feel scared. Sometimes I even hear music which are not played. These all things make me so sick. Sometimes I think something and do something my mind mapping was done, councilors said that my brain was unique because my 4 quadrants were almost equal. I act differently. I become so possessive and addictive. I speak in my dreams like for hours. I feel don't know how to express but it is killing me inside. I don't want all these things. I want to live a peaceful life. Deja vu also occurs sometimes. Though I look normal but these things I can't swallow. My head starts aching. Its seems I am not made for this world, there is a different world. I don't know what to do. I can't concentrate on my studies although I scored 90% and bagged a national medal but they don't make me happy. Everything seems lifeless. I am just showing people that I am happy but I am not. My thoughts are weird. I can't bear all this now. People think I am immature but as far as I know I act. I can't tell them this is killing me because I have already seen the true face of the world. I can't understand what is wrong with me? Where is my happy life?

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vijaypath (2 posts)
8 years ago (2013-09-25)
Do you have still this abilty. Apart from this. Do you have ability to see in past or present. Please mail me itsavijaypath2013 [at]
Bbrave (5 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-23)
The gifts you have are not causing you to feel ill. It's the conflict inside of you about having them in the first place that's the culprit.

When you accept your gifts for the blessing they are you should begin to feel better. Being able to sense what others are thinking can be annoying.

I am well aware since I can do the same. It causes me to spend most of my time alone. But I would never want to not be able to. I have avoided much trouble thanks to this gift.

Normally I would not tell anyone with your gifts this.
But if you want them gone that badly then ignore them and over time they will go away. If they will stay away I can't say

In the end I think it would be a mistake to rid yourself of the gifts you have. But it's your life and I have to respect your choice in the matter

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