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What Am I Seeing, And Why Am I Seeing Them?


I'd like to remain anonymous for many many reasons. I'd greatly appreciate any help though.

I'm 18, and live in Canada.

About two months ago, I was walking home and I saw something. It was transparent, but was in the form of a man. It is hard to describe, but if you are not focused on too many things, they are very noticeable.

The following picture is the closest thing I could find to what I've been seeing;


There's a lot less detail on what I see though, there's no face what so ever, and no detail on the abs, chest, arms, etc. Merely the form of an average bodied man. They are all nearly exactly the same, though some are different in height slightly.

It was running by, like it was running from something. Though, after going over everything a few times more, I think maybe it was rather chasing something. As it was running quite fast, yet didn't look back as if it were scared or checking to see if whatever was chasing it caught up, etc. I don't think it noticed that I could see it, either.

A couple days later, I seen it again, around the same area, but I was beyond high on marijuana. I was starting to think I was going crazy or something was wrong. Then I also just was thinking it might have been the drugs. I don't know, honestly. I've been trying to make excuses then, and still am now.

Another couple days after, I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone about what I seen, because seeing the same thing like that twice seemed kind of weird. While speaking to her, I heard noises outside, and I looked outside, and there was two of them. They were running around the house, it seemed like they were trying to get in or something. But I don't know for sure, honestly. That day was the first day I could actually FEEL them. I felt that they were angry, and I didn't know why. From there I assumed it was because I spoke of them. When I text, or chat on the computer, they don't know. I try to use that when talking about them, because I have no clue of what they are, let alone what they're capable of.

For the couple months before now, I've had plenty of experiences. But haven't talked to anyone about it. Not even my girlfriend since that one night. Well, until last night.

I see them a couple times a week, and it's like they are bound to certain people. Yes, they, as in I'm sure you've caught on that there is multiple amounts of them. Not everyone has one following them, but maybe 5 out of 100 people I see has one following them? Not sure on numbers exactly, but when in places like downtown and they're out on that day, it's quite hectic. I have one that follows me as well. They follow certain people, and that's all they do. They walk/stand/run with them about probably 25 feet behind. If I look at them, sometimes they will stop and just stare at me while I am watching them, or they will continue on doing what they are doing, while looking at me. If I don't look at them, they just do what they do. I've tried to leave them alone for the last couple months because there's a lot in my life going on, and there is so much to focus on and I honestly don't need this too.

Last night (this morning at 1-2 AM), I somehow ended up talking to my girlfriend about them again. We actually talked the other night too, I'm quite sure. But none of them appeared. Last night though, I was on the phone with her talking about them, and I felt it there. (I know it was the usual one that follows me. I can feel them, but I can also feel mine specifically.) I got off of the phone after a while, and I sat up and looked out of my window, and I seen it run around the corner. I looked around outside everywhere a bit more, then turned my head and out of the corner of my eye I saw it standing right at my door. I jumped a little, and my heart started pounding! Within a second of me looking at it, it turned and ran away quickly, as this screeching/screaming sound emerged out of nowhere in my head. At first, I thought it was aloud, and others in the house were going to wake up. But upon that, there was a massive migraine, plus nobody woke up, so I clued in that it was in my head. After that, I could feel it wasn't in my presence any more.

I've been up the whole night, and have been trying to read and figure out more. I myself am an Atheist. I believe in nothing but pure proof. Even now, my mind is still trying to tell me this is all too real, that I must be going crazy or something is clearly wrong with me. None of this makes sense, but I'm being told I might be a "medium" or something like that. When I see movies and shows, I see these people with amazing abilities. And of course viewers are always saying. "Why don't they want their power? I'd love to have that!", well, right now I'm understanding. A part of me finds this beyond interesting, another part beyond scary, another part just simply doesn't want this what so ever.

Really, I don't know what to do. If I talk to anyone, they'll think I'm crazy. If I leave it alone, it'll bug me for probably the rest of my life. Or however long they are here for.

What are they?

What is wrong with me?

How come I can see them?

What should I do?

Extra information;

I was thinking, and I also have experienced a few things when I was a little younger. I've heard voices, and seen things before. Somewhat similar I guess, but nothing exactly like this. I was younger though, so I assumed it was just my mind. Not sure if it could be related, but who knows.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
8 years ago (2012-06-12)
Well, T1293, seems like you're about to reevaluate what you feel is "real" and what isn't.

Off the cuff I would say what you see are either earth-bound souls (people who died but haven't yet left, don't know, have issues, etc.) Those could be angry, confused, whatever.

Or, they are spirit guides of the people they are following. They are usually more in an energetic form, either orb-shaped or luminescent. I haven't looked at your link yet but I get that these things are transparent.

There is nothing to fear--but fear itself. Literally. If these are earth-bound, they can be seeking energy from you and would get it from your fear. But if you protect yourself (there are several ways in your head to just bring a "shield" of white or other light around you) then you will be protected.

Mostly, you're going to have to do the detective work and ask them what they want. You can do this in your head.

5 out of every 100 people--that's a lot to have an earth-bound attached to them! But maybe you're right--I don't see them.

In addition to protecting yourself, look into grounding. And just remember about the fear. Find something that you can think of that makes you always feel safe and protected. Use that image so that you can converse with them and not be freaked out.


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