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Weird Psychic Experience In My House


I've never been much of a psychic (much to the disgrace of my dad and little sister, who is 15) but I think I have latent psychic powers. However I just got a new roommate at my house on campus and SHE is a psychic. Anyway, here is what happened and I still have trouble believing it.

Yesterday at 1:00 Esther, my roommate, thought it would be a "fun idea" to use an old board and contact the dead. (I think it's called Ouija but correct me if I'm wrong) She said her mother used to use it before she retired from the medium business. Being a skeptical person, I agreed. (I always thought my dad was a little bit of a crazy person and that my sister was just imagining things) Anyway, she turned all the lights out, closed all the doors and windows, pulled the shades over the windows, and lit a small white candle and put it on the dining room table. She put the board and the "cursor" on the table and she asked me to sit opposite to her. I followed her instructions and put my hand on the thing and she began saying things in Sanskrit. (She's studying to be a linguist) Then after about five minutes of her chanting she began speaking in English again. She said she could see someone coming. Her eyes looked pretty creepy. They were wide and looked frightened. She looked down at the board, at her hands. She lifted them up like she was trying to defend herself and started screaming! Then something weird happened. I suddenly felt the urge to leap out of my chair, run around the table to Esther, grab her and fling her to the floor. I knocked the chair over and the candle went out. When I got up a few moments later and turned the lights on, I saw that she had passed out. I then carried her to her bed and I flopped onto mine and fell asleep.

In the morning Esther woke me up. She said, word for word, "I just wanted to say thanks, Amy. You saved me from that murderer! I'm relieved you have psychic powers too." When I asked her what she meant, because I never really had any connection (except through my family of course) to a psychic, she looked confused and replied with, "How could you have sensed that I was about to be killed then? You could have just let me be and yell that I was faking".

Now that I think back on it, what really happened? Oh, and she threw away the board two minutes ago. I don't like the sound of this. Any advice? Should I get a new roommate? Move out? I looked up about my campus and it didn't say anything about there being a murderer. Not in the internet OR the school records. What I would REALLY like to know is how did I sense that she was in danger?

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TurquoiseCirno (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-13)
I guess you're right. I'm agnostic so I'm not sure about entering 'the world of the psychic'. However since this happened I've been re-thinking everything. I will take your advice and practice meditating with my roomate. (She does it every morning and every night to relieve the mind of daily stress and to expand her abilities) Thank you for your advice.
Cirno 😁
Kidasha (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2012-06-13)
Sounds like you has the same situation I had. Psychic abilities run in my family but I'm mine is the most accurate and sensitive. I didn't really get my abilities until I was 16 but I had other sub-psychic talents. Before, I could contact deceased relatives. Now I can actually see people's deaths before they happen. In some people the gift takes time to manifest and I've found that psychic abilities are the strongest when you absolutely need them. It was because of my abilities that I was able to stop my friend from dying. You just need to learn to control it more. Try meditation, that's what I did.

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