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Always With Me


I have so many different stories that I can tell, but I will stick to the one that saved my life. I always feel that everything happens for a reason, and also that I have my guardian angel with me at all times. When I meditate, I always look for my guardian angel, once I see or hear them I am confident that I am safe. I get into this place where I am seeing myself maybe a hundred years ago, which I took as a past life and I saw how I died. Another time while I was meditating I was floating through a tunnel with my guardian angel and spirits or old souls were submitting to us, by exposing their organs I didn't understand it, but I didn't want to lose the experience either. I knew that I was on my living room floor listening to the Gregorian Chant cassette that I had. When my feet first hit the ground of the tunnel, I looked around, then I remembered where I was, so I hit the floor with my fist to make sure that I was in my living room. I will tell this story at a later date. I was told that the experience was a rebirth.

Now for my psychic experience, while driving in my car. I always feel as though someone is with me in the back seat, one day something made me pull over to the side of the road and wait. As I did that I noticed construction going on, so I did pull over moving out of the way for a speeding SUV, I, in a jeep, as the SUV sped passed me a crane swung across the road and back again, on the return of the crane coming back across the road a hook caught onto the top of the SUV dragging it now sideways to the other side of the road and flipping it on its side.

I thought to myself thank you guardian angel for telling me to pull over. I don't know if the voice that I hear when danger is near is my guardian angel or my psychic voice. In now becoming more spiritual, I have golden and reddish orbs in my yard, I look for them from time to time, sometimes I find them and sometimes I don't but if I play spiritual music in the garden they start to some down from the sky. I also have a place in my garden for prayer and that is where I found them last, above the cross in a line of three which is my number for some reason 3.

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telekineticdude891 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-15)
What I just read at the last part made my heart skip a beat. You said that your number is 3 but, so is mine. As for your experience, I am not sure how that happened but, maybe you can control it in some way. You could practice by having someone drop a fork on your foot while you're meditating.

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