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I Keep Seeing Ghosts


This all really started when I was little, like 3 of 4. I can vaguely remember it all and my Mom told me about it, but when I was younger I used to have this "imaginary friend" but I used to say she was a ghost. Her name was Amy and I remember what she looked like and I can remember that she always wore the same dress. I used to tell my Mom about her all the time and about her family and her home (what it looked like etc.). She stopped "visiting" or appearing when I was about 7.

Most recently in the last few years, I've been seeing things out of the corners of my eyes. Shadowy figures, sometimes dressed in older clothing from different time periods and I swear one time I saw a horse and buggy. But a couple days ago I was watching tv with my dad when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this women dressed in this old fashioned high-necked black dress and staring right at me. She didn't look angry or sad, simply expressionless. Usually when I have experiences with spirits, I get scared but I wasn't this time, which was strange. But what was also different from those other times was how clear she was, even from seeing her in my peripheral vision. I turned to look at her, of course, but she disappeared. I kept seeing her but every time she disappeared as soon I looked directly at her.

In my house there's also been a few strange things going on. In my parent's bedroom her lights always used to turn off and on by itself, and my Mom's psychic friend said that she had a man falling her around and we thought that it was him doing it. When she was told this, I did something stupid when I was trying to communicate with him. Nothing happened when I was being nice, I, being very stupid, started to insult him, and make him angry. I wanted to get a reaction, like something fall over or get thrown. Well, he did react, and suddenly I felt something pinch my leg. I stopped and never did it again. I've recently been hearing a lot of footsteps upstairs, like I'll be sitting downstairs and out of now where the floor above me will start creaking. I think that the footsteps ghost might be the same man, because the footsteps are very loud and heavy.

I've also think I feel ghosts. Sometimes I'll just get this feeling that something is watching me or that something is there. I also get goosebumps frequently.

I don't know whether I am little bit psychic or I'm just imagining it all. I've talked to my Mom about ghosts lots of times and she's told that she's seen them lots but I've never actually seen one in my direct vision. Just curious, but is it hereditary? Thanks for reading and I would like to hear what you guys have to say about it.

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DawnAnn (1 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-19)
I had a similar experience some time ago on a hiking trail. I saw a young man cross in front of us holding a big barrel, you know the kind that maybe store liquids like wine, whiskey and water even. He was carrying this barrel to the stream on the other side, I assumed. I thought nothing really of it other than why is he dumping something into the stream.
I expressed that question out loud to my friends. They said they didn't see anything. I saw him as clear as the day. He had light brown, or dark blonde hair, and he was wearing a white cotton collarless shirt, brown knickerbockers with suspenders, kind of like the clothing from an old TV show called 'Little House on the Praire' or the 'Waltons' even. You're way to young to know about those shows. Anyhow, when I thought about it later I only saw the spirit as a shadow, even though I remembered the details vividly. This I now know is called a residual spirit. It kind of just hangs around and does what they normally did as if they were still alive. They don't interact much from what I gather from all of the paranormal shows that I watch. I think these are the kind of ghosts or spirits that don't really give you a spooky feeling. It's the intelligent ones that will answer back, as you experienced.
Rosetta (1 stories) (52 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-18)
i have a little girl ghost following me around, but she only does it becausee she's either bored, lonely, or both. She lived in the same plac that me and my mom do, and she died there when she was only 8. So please try to at least talk to him or consider the fact that he might be lonely. And everyone's Second Sight is different. Yours apparently is unique. You could have inherited it from an ancient ancestor. The feeling of being watched is not uncommon because you probably are, but it might not be a bad thing. Whoever's watching you could be trying to watch out FOR you.
ReneeBienkowski (1 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-18)
Hi there,
It's my guess that it's not hereditary BUT if you around people that have similar abilities and are open to receiving these experiences, the common air, if you will, becomes "charged" in a way with this openness. Does this make any sense? I am having similar experiences to what you're going through and my questions are quite the same. Let me know what happens! -Renee

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