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Slightly Psychic Since I Was 12


Let me start this off by saying I am 15 years old. I just turned 15, and have had the impression that I was at least slightly psychic since I was 12.

I have always had an impression of what was going to happen. I can't remember ever not having it. I also feel what others feel emotionally, and sometimes what they think. I have Jesus in my life as well, and I have been praying about this almost nonstop. Evidently, I am also smart, what people would call "gifted" at school. It's hard for me to judge myself. I usually don't speak much, because I don't really have something to add to the conversation, that needs to be said. I really, REALLY like to think about philosophy.

I feel like I have to make people understand what they are not getting, when they don't understand how inane life is, and they put too high a price on such little things. It's incredibly stressful, because I can't make them understand. There's also a very strong urge to help those who really, really need it. I also see occasional flashes of light, mostly out of the corner of my eyes.

Now a lot is starting to get a little out of hand.

It used to be that I always had to pay a little more attention to pick up on others' thoughts and emotions, and could ignore them with little effort, except at night, because I didn't have anything else to concentrate on, but recently it has escalated, to the point of me getting headaches from staying with too many people at once, from the emotional overload.

I have also been getting visions, where I only had strong impressions before. They're very vague, nothing concrete while I'm awake, but, simply put, I've seen people get hurt and die. I've felt the loss they feel at the time of death. When I go to bed, the visions grow to the point where I can see almost everything, but can't remember it all later.I've been zoning out a lot lately, because I'm busy thinking about it. I'm easily distracted at the best of times, because I like to ponder philosophy, and now my attention span has just disappeared.

I also have found evidence that I've been sleepwalking recently, something that I haven't done until now. I often wake up, and find things in my room displaced, my door open when I know for sure it was closed, and, most recently, I found a piece of paper that was written on about how "a storm" was coming, and we would have to be strong in order not to die. There are also some seemingly random letters near the bottom, and from what I can tell from my messy handwriting, it looks like it says something along the lines of "Arshijgrntra atra ashjn fghalharn." That may not even be exact, because I have very messy handwriting, but it just seems like gibberish. That is the only part that is incomprehensible. I don't even know. After that line, it just says "Eloi, Eloi, Father God save us!" I don't know if God is trying to tell me something or what. Evidently I wrote it, because it's in my handwriting, and I woke up holding it.

I am, frankly, very confused and alarmed at these strange events, and the escalation of my gifts. If there is anything anybody knows about this, and what I can do, can you help please?

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HIS_leara (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-10)
Nightsinger - where in Missouri are you? My friends and I have also Forseen the 'coming storm'. I've told them about your post. Don't worry about your abilities getting stronger - everyone's, at least in our (my friends and i's) area of Missouri is. Just pray that God will help you through this trying time and the Storm to come. Ps 'Eloi' is one of the many Names attributed to God. You seem to have been pleading with Him in Your sleep. Try meditation and incense for the sleepwalking and to induce visions. If there's a way to contact me through this site feel free to. Blessed be.
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-01)

Your abilities are indeed escalating and I can understand your alarm.

When you say you "felt the loss they feel at death"-is this for living people. In other words, are you seeing their death moments. Sounds like you see other moments from people's lives. Probably the emotion you've been sensing all your life is now conveying the life events that caused the emotion for people.

I do know what you're talking about when a huge "download" of information comes. I am aware it is coming and in that moment I do understand, but when it's over I just have a general impression about what it was all about, but I can't manage to retain any specifics.

You and Noorh are asking for help and you may receive comments from others who have knowledge in this area.

In my opinion, however, it is much easier for issues like this to be on a true forum where you are notified by email when anyone comments on your topic or on any topic (thread) you are subscibed to.

You might check out There are many major topics covering any loosely spiritual topic there is. But it is good to know when people are commenting. There is more immediacy to it and you can connect directly with people you resonate with more easily. I'm not knocking this site. It is a place to start, but it's sort of like taking a general elective--it's just a brief skimming of the topic before a new one comes in.

In your prayers, have you asked for these gifts to slow down a bit? You can, you know, and if you're feeling overwhelmed it might help.

You've especially mentioned philosophy as if you know it is an area you really want to concentrate. And in this area it might be a great skill for someone who has good connections to make understandable to others how things work, how the dimensions function, that sort of thing. At least that would be of interest to me.

I can understand your frustration with others not understanding. I have said this before on this site but, for me, a big moment of understanding for me was that when I feel I "know" a truth--that seems so, so obvious to me--it is a Truth for me only, not everyone else. They will get there in their own time. And being frustrated about it does no good.

Good luck with your abilities. You are at the opposite end of most--most are ready to move on faster, although, from the other site (SF) it seems that people are to one extreme or the other.

The porridge is never JUST RIGHT! 😁

Maybe there is a message in that. 😉

Isle - Lora
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2012-08-01)
people like me you and others whos on this website all needhelp some seem to be better then others or worser then others in particullar things such as vision my vision theyre way to weak compare to rs what I am trying to say that every single person who has the gift is just lost. Any ways this lines mighto talk to you please if
Be the spells. I think I would realy like to talk to please if you are therewrite a cooment iwould wai for two minutes

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