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Unintentional Obe And Other


I've recently become more interested in learning about psychic experiences that I've had and how to learn from those to further any potential ability I may have. Some curiosity lies in Out-Of-Body Experiences. I remember distinctly having an OBE only a couple of years ago, while having a big fight with my sister. I know that usually people are relaxed during this, but at this point my sister and I were ready to sprawl. Suddenly I was across the room watching myself stand there ready to fight. I don't remember at what point everything became as normal, but the fight was put to an end before either of us got too serious. Unfortunately, since I've been worried about my actual level of sanity.

Another time I remember locking myself in the bathroom to escape my sibling who was yelling nasty things at me in anger. I was very upset and, while I didn't leave my body, I had another strange sensation that I have often worried about. I was shaking, but not physically. My body was still and the house was also still and intact, but I was shaking. I really hope that these aren't signs of insanity of any sort. I keep myself as far away from anything that will anger me to that extent as I can. I'm only 19 so I hope to not have to be committed for the rest of my life. Any suggestions? Help? Advice? Maybe I can channel this into learning to Astral Project?

Is it possible that maybe one can be so overcome with any emotion that they are temporarily ejected or separated from their physical self? Has anyone maybe had a similar experience? I really appreciate any information that I can get!

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