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The Shadow 2


Hey guys its my second story in which I will talk about some points I have left out in my first story The Shadow

>Some of my current family history

My name is Alan Yu, My family come from different classes. My father's side of the family have been suspected to be farmers and poor people.

My mother's side is suspected to be rich. They don't seem to believe the world of the demons, gods and ghosts.


Some of the ghosts I believe is following me have been suspected to be a demon or a ghost. It takes the form of a shadow and I have never seen it more than once. The first time I saw it was the bathroom door closing and I saw a shadow going in. But even before I saw it I felt it following me around even to school. (Read The Shadow for more info)

When I was alone I would usually feel like it was watching me I have never felt it closer then behind me. It have never tried to communicate or touched me. I don't think its friendly it seem to radiate fear and nervousness. Like I would be happily talking to friends and I would go into a bathroom alone and I would feel like being watched and I feel fear.

>Dead people & Info

More about my family is that I was abused as a child. My father (who abused me) died when I was 6. I have a scar which he dropped me on a stairway (it was a accident) we generally got along and he loved me he only hit me when I've done something wrong. Also my grandmother died as well I think we were close. I don't think I've ever been awakened but I'm looking for a way to awaken myself.


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