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This is my story and some of what I have gone through.

I have the ability to read people, what I mean; I can pick out thoughts and feelings without someone telling me what they are. I believe I was born with this ability also I go to a councilor who tells me I do have a high awareness of emotions and the wants of others and their thoughts.

I go to the councilor because I didn't want people to thing I was nuts so being who I am had the need to confirm this with them, I thought a councilor would be the best way to.

When I do readings it is an emotional and high feeling that both me and the one I'm reading goes through. I can take their hand in mine and see through their eyes mostly these are emotions and may be a thought or tow. I don't like to read people who are negative or with high emotions, also people in need of gaining power for themselves. I seem to feed of their energies, so whatever their feeling thinking or giving off I will react to and start doing.

I believe I am Clairaudience I have the ability to hear things not audible within normal hearing ranges and the see and hear ghosts, spirits and those who are in the astral realm like angelic beings and energy beings. I have in the past seen my Grandmother who past years ago.

My cousin Aaron came to me at the moment of his passing just to say my name and goodbye in his own way. Later my mom gave me a gift he wanted me to have; it was a bracelet and he had put the words peace and understanding also his name on it. My life before he past was going up and down I wasn't stable but now I do have peace and my understanding of life is much more than I've ever imagined it would ever be.

My awareness makes me transparent I make you see me and I am able to change the way you see your reality. This to me at times can be a disability on its own. Hopefully someday I can help others who feel the same and let them now they are not alone.

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aprilj426 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-25)
I am scared and validated at same time as I'm realizing I am not crazy and others have felt this too! I have always been extremely "sensitive" and felt as though I took other peoples feelings on (in a bad way). I have severe anxiety (I thought), and hate being around a lot of people. I found this site tonight because I was in the bathroom and its 2 am so whole house is silent. Except for the sound of something rustling. I think - wtf is my boyfriend going through my purse? So I go in bedroom where he is fast asleep and in same position as when I went in bathroom. I stand in bathroom again and hear it again. It sounded like someone was upstairs doing something- moving things around or whatever. But both roomates are in they're rooms and no one was sitting up in living room in the dark. I think maybe rats or mice in the garage. Then I start to wonder if somehow I can hear one of the roommates way up in they're room. I think about the fact that my ears have been plugged for last few days especially the right one. So I type in google "my hearing is amplified" and here I am! I can't believe this is happening to me, I believe I am an empath and may be transitioning to other abilities as I type? I have no idea what but something strange and diff has been going on with me lately and my senses and its crazy because I knew it my whole life but didn't REALLY know it because I wouldn't be so shocked right now when it actually registered! I'm wide awake now and not sure what to do next if anything? I believe in GOD and have been a Christian so may have been conditioned that these feelings are not good. (Adam/Eve, serpent, knowlege = bad news). But I feel like I must know and feel these things for a reason- a purpose! This explains so much now in hindsight when I look back at my life. Any advice or thoughts on what I can expect or what to do? Anyone? ❤

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