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Guided Meditation For Psychic Awareness



Guided Meditation for Psychic Awareness

Before you begin, take a minute to think about your life completely, what effects your thought processes, what worries you, what makes you happy, what has made you who you are today. What about your life do you value? What would you change if you could?

I want you to try to keep all dialogical thoughts about the various parts of your life out of your actual meditation. I am going to show you how to read your own future and then some but this may take a couple of practices before it really sets in and in that you must start at the beginning. Either way, it will act to center you and give you the ability to discern a situation both objectively and subjectively.

We are always worrying about ourselves, in this exercise you will remove your "self," all of the things that make up You, so that you can allow your mind, your essence that is connected to everything, communicate with the universe. Removing your "self" is extremely important because doing so allows you the advantage of an unbiased answer to your question.

Think of this in terms of radio waves. You want to tune into one specific frequency (the everything that allows you to become psychically aware) but there is all this white noise (your own life situations, your thoughts, what your plans are, etc) coming in on the edges of what you're picking up. In order to hear the message clearly, you must turn the dial of the radio to tune in to the one specific station you would like to hear. This station is both nothing and everything but for today it is not at all one specific thing. You want to remove all terms and definitions from your view and then learn to pick up on the messages you are meant to hear.

Keep your eyes open. After your minute of reflection on moments of your life find a comfortable place to sit, preferably a comfy chair for good back support in a dimly lit room. Make sure that your butt is as far into the chair as necessarily comfortable and that your back is aligned perfectly with the chair's back. Light a candle and put on some low mood music. It can be any kind of music but preferably without lyrics. This will help you learn sound-focussing in order to remove specific thoughts from your mind.

For this exercise, you just want to pick up on whatever comes to you. Anything at all can come in through the emptiness and you should not worry whether or not the message has anything to do with you or the situations surrounding your life.

Breathe in as calmly and slowly as possible while focusing on the sound of the air moving in and then out of your lungs. As you listen to the air flowing through you start to empty your mind of all thoughts and your body of tension. Watch as the thoughts pertaining to your name, your gender, your school, your job, your power, your abilities, or anything else from your life dissipates. Do not think of your situation, instead go somewhere else. Visualize an open empty and bright space with the potential for anything to fill it.

Continue to breathe slowly in and out for about five minutes until you find that you are fully relaxed and thinking of nothing at all.

When you are completely relaxed, as you are looking into your room without paying any attention to the objects throughout it, start to visualize your inner spirit, your will but not your "self," expanding and contracting outside of your entire being. Experience this expansion for a little while without words or thought. If you have reached the trance state, it should start to effect the way that your eyes perceive the space around you it should literally feel and look like it is your essence is expanding, you who is for the moment connected to all that is.

At this point, the space that you are in is where you find your answers. Don't start grasping for the answers at all, don't think about your situation or the person you are. You are one with everything and thus equal to all people and all living creatures on the planet. Instead, let answers come to you - they can be anything at all, people's names, dates, a visual scene, so on and so forth. Do not worry if you don't receive messages that are associated with you.

For this first step exercise you only want to pick up the first things that come to mind, you do not want your life and your own thoughts getting in the way of receiving true insight about any one thing.

If you decide to get used to this exercise and try it again, then would be the time to learn how to exist subjectively and objectively within the moment.

For now, just let anything come to you, try to remember what you are seeing/hearing/experiencing while still remembering that you are as everything else is, expanding and contracting. There is no you, only the everything that the universe has created. This experience should last more than fifteen minutes and closer to a half hour. You may start to get bored or uncomfortable and thoughts pertaining to your life will try to get in the way of your connection with the universe. Persevere through the interruptions and maintain your connection by keeping your "self" out of mind. Never consider your name or any other aspects that make you who you are.

When you are done in the trance state take a pen and paper and write down to the best of your knowledge everything that you remember.

From there, you can analyze the meanings. For me, it's usually a specific situation that has occurred or is going to occur, for most it can be day dreams or can come in the form of vivid metaphorical imagery that is only symbolic of the situation that is being shown to you. Remember, it can be about anything and anyone.

Please, let me know if you think this exercise works and if you are interested in doing it on a regular basis in order to attune your will, your faith, and your abilities. Let me know what you come up with.

Deus et natua non faciunt frusta

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Baneofthewolf (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-03)
In answer to your comment on my story, I do have some answers.

Here are three ways to project.

1) almost die. (Done it before, don't reccomend it)
2) Become "All and only one" As in be everyting and yourself at the same time: I was up in my cabin for the summer and I was half asleep. I felt the trees around me and I loved it so much. The sound of a branch snapping made me sit up. My body wasnt, my spirit was. I wanted to sleep, as in snooze, so I tried phazing into the wall. Thud. Nope. So I waited until morining when the sun hit my astral form: I poofed, back into the waking world

3) The easiest way for me: Find your spirit element.
Ive been wrighting books (fiction, but not so much) About a soul and five soulelementals. Fire earth water air light and darkness.
I am led to believe that I am a fire "Spirit Elemental" I was all alone in my house and I lit a candle, to save power. I became entranced in its dancing, and I felt a thread snap, I saw my body loking at the candle's fire. So I walked around my house, saw my Dog. WARNING: WHEN PROJECTING, DONT GO INTO A PLACE WHERE YOU ARE AFRAID OF.
The Metaphysical powers that you feel will personofy in your deepest fear.
Zero_One (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-27)
Girly girl

You did it perfectly! The feeling of not being able to move your body is exactly where it's at. From here, I would suggest specific focus meditations and move on to psychic will power. I understand the desire to think haha, usually for me, I try to focus on repetition - a repeted sound or image - so that I don't think about thoughts. You can repeat for yourself a useless word, even one that makes you laugh like "Monkey, monkey, monkey, monkey" slowly repeated as you breathe in and out in long wide bursts - this way whatever is part of your own thoughts completely dissipates and other answers come through the void.

Vision thing you thought you saw, what do you think it was?
Domo (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-24)
Girly, you need to practice. This takes time and patiente. Start by 5 minute a day and than increase the time day by day. This is hard but meditation is the way of the brave as the yoga teaches it. So just go on, don't give up:) and good luck you will make it.
girlygirl89 (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-23)
ok so I tried to meditate for about six minutes (I don't think I could do it any longer without getting interuppted) and what you said is more effective than any other meditation I have tried... I'm just wondering why I had a tingling sensation in my palms when I was imagining "anything pertaining to me dissipate" or the way I did it I imagined those thoughts flowing out of my finger tips. Also, I felt some emotions and "imagined" I guess, or saw something that I am not sure if it is a vision or not (because it is the first time I have meditated in months) What do you think? I'm also wondering if anyone felt as though they could not move their body after doing this... My arms felt so relaxed it took me a couple of seconds to lift them. Also, can I think about the music I am listening to during meditation or even about the meditation itself... Because for some reason once all of the personal thoughts left I had to think of something (I think too much!LOL) I think I still have ways to go. (srry this is so long and sorry to bug you but I had to write this down.
Zero_One (1 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-23)
Yay! That's awesome, you definitely have to let me know how it goes. Instead of trying to block out the noise, take it in - lose yourself. =]
girlygirl89 (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-23)
Thank you so much for posting this. In my story I recently wrote that my abilities are getting stronger and everyone told me to meditate and I have always tried but it never seemed to work for me because there are many people living in my home and you can hear EVERYTHING... But I think that your meditation will actually work for me because of the way you explained it (at least I am hoping it will work) thanks again for this informative post:) ❤ 😁

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