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My Boyfriend Announced He Is Psychic


I didn't even really believe in psychic abilities until Christmas. I had an argument with my boyfriend and he announced he is psychic and told me all the bad things that would happen to me over the next 6 months and all his predictions came true-he even told me tiny details, like the name of the sign I'd be looking at when a certain person said a certain thing to me during an argument and the song that would be playing when I walked into a shop on a certain day.

Anyway, the last couple of months things have been calmer, thank goodness but I've started having dreams about what will happen the next day. Only small things at first, but I have had a dream that I will have a nasty row with someone and it happened and a dream that I would get arrested and it happened, sometimes it's just really small things and it could possibly be a coincidence but I think I might be becoming psychic.

Is it possible to randomly become psychic at 24 years old, or would it happen earlier? I even wonder if my boyfriend somehow messed with my brain and brought something out in me, being as it started right as the 6 months of his predictions coming true ended. Forgive my ignorance but all this is completely new to me and I have no idea how it works, can anyone give me some advice? I'm not sure I want to be physic-my boyfriend said he knows how he is going to die, and his kids as well, could that really be true?

Please don't tell me to ask him about it as he pretends it never happened and if I bring it up he will laugh and say I must have been drunk and imagined it or or I'm going mad but I'm not mad, it happened-he hit me as well and left a massive bruise so I know that chuffing well happened and he denies that as well.

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Soulluminous (7 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-25)
I wouldn't doubt you are a psychic. I would embrace it. Co creation manifestation is possible. Tho only if agreed that its the desired course to stay. I have heard them called soul contracts. Destiny and choice are all apart of life. Embrace your gift and manifest a positive life. With your gift my you help others and live from the heart.

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