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I recently started noticing this bad experience/ability. Around the same time I've been going through a very bad moment in my life. My ex-boyfriend did a 360 on me. He was sweet and I felt safe with him. Ever since he move, everything change, he became mentally abusive and things starting to get physical. So I left and ever since he's made my life hell. I started to really hate him. And I felt a lot of energy come to me that felt good. And I took it in because it relaxed me and made me feel good. He started to get sick and secretly in a ugly way I somewhat liked it. Because he was threatening/tormenting my life (he has info/things on me so I can't drop him yet). He kept calling me to purposely argue and things continued to get worse, Till one night he was admitted to the hospital (because he was so sick) and he found out he had kidney failure and breathing issues. He's 20 years and he was completely healthy before. Doctor's don't understand why or what happen. I felt bad for feeling 'A like' for him being sick. So I tried to stop fighting with him but he kept pushing me.

I kept feeling hurt and emotionally drained and one day I broke. I screamed to high heaven. And absolutely didn't care, I hated him so much and I wanted him to leave; Didn't care how. Things got worse. Doctors Didn't know how long he was going to last, and his liver was starting to go, he had back problems, breathing difficulties. I started to think about how weird it was for him to get this karma.

Now, my ex and I don't talk much-he still calls me once every two or three weeks. (he calls still because he's obsessed and doesn't want to let me go- that's what I see)

Sometimes I wonder he believes It's me. Especially now that he's getting better.

I notice every time I'm very upset at someone (my dad, mom, or a random person) they get sick. My mom is sick right now after I was very upset with her yesterday

This is 8th time since last June, I know there's something.

When it happens and I'm mad, I feel like a big flow of negative energy is flowing out of me. It's hard to stop it.

I feel balanced -energy wise-I feel like I'm in good control when I'm not mad.

Before I was balanced the energy use to overpower me-and I would cry emotionally for no reason

Just confused what is this?

Something big/positive warns me to not get rid of it and learn to control myself better.

Is there a way I could heal instead of kill or sicken?

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myissa (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-11)
bluejanuary: I believe I am a very good soul. I have stop going to church but I feel very close to the lord. I felt as a kid I was very close to him. But my experiences confuse me. I don't want people sick or ask... It just happens- If I had the option I would ask for them to trip fall on their face& thee end and go on with life. I rarely get mad; a person would have to really upset me in order for this to happen. It catches my attention you mention light - to this day I'm afraid of being in the dark I feel like something will happen to me (or get me) in darkness or dim lights (I have fears but darkness is a different fear feeling). When I was younger I use to see bluish green outlines of spirits in darkness-I don't know if they were good. I've been thinking that ever since he moved a something evil attached to him. And possibly that's why he did a 360. But he never had any the ability to cause anything to anyone no matter how mad he was.<--which is good... But I will continue to keep out of dark. Thank you
myissa (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-11)
Cattydee thank you for advice. I would so badly like to heal then sicken people. I will try that:)
myissa (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-11)
ally_26 Thoughts are very strong- I agree with you.
When I was a kid, if I wanted something really bad and focus my thoughts on it most times I got it. I have watched the movie "secret the law of attraction" I use to use that movie as guidance in away. I think in the movie (or some movie I watched) they instructed viewers to find a rock pick a rock, and whenever your feelings are out of control- or too high, focus the energy on the rock (preferably a black rock) it helps, but as soon as I let go of the rock the feelings come back (with headaches).
myissa (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-11)
fharris1111 -I really appreciate sharing a part of your life with me and thank you for registering to share (I feel special). I think we are very similar, I've notice somewhat of the same story and I'm getting that thoughts are very powerful and we have to learn to not focus bad thoughts or energy. Balance is the key, its just sometimes hard finding it. But I will most definitely work on it.
Thank you for replying:)
myissa (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2012-09-11)
Thank you all for replying. I really appreciate everyone answers I am taking to heart everyone's answers.

PathR: I think its good advice to take time to heal myself. And also find balance when my feelings get the best of me. My ex has dealt with some abandonment and hurt (from everyone including his parents) -nice job picking that up
bluejanuary (3 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-26)
You might want to know that demons exist. It sounds as though demons first inhabited your boyfriend and then possibly you. You CAN cast out the demons. Keep things brightly lit around you. Demons love darkness and they love to attack the weak (illness will bring them). If you are a good soul they will try very hard to conquer you. Also know that you can make them leave just by telling them to in the name of the Lord. Wearing a cross will help. Keeping a bible close at hand. Demons fear all those things.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-25)
You could possibly heal. Like instead of anger be happy or instead of hate, love. Try the opposite affect. When you're mad at someone turn that bad into good by thinking of the positive things.
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-23)
One of the things I've learned is that our thoughts are stronger than we think it is. We can most definitely send bad energy to other people with bad thoughts whether we know it or not. This therefore can affect someone's life, yours being an extreme case.

I've been affected with such thoughts already by trembling, feeling nauseous, and having the urge to faint.

Try to control your anger the best way you can. One way to learn about thoughts is searching up "secret the law of attraction". Theres also a video on it that you can buy on Amazon if you wish. This talks about a belief that "like attracts like", and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

Hope this helps 😊
fharris1111 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-23)
Hi, I'm new to this site and frankly, I registered just so I could post a comment about your story. I can relate with what you're going through since I've had similar abilities ever since I was a child, except I discovered that I could make good things happen to people who I liked and bad things happen to those I didn't like. It wasn't merely sickness or health that I could affect but more on having the ability to give what people wanted most or, on the flip side, what they feared the most.

I never really understood it while growing up, but 30 years later, I'm starting to put pieces of the puzzle together. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that people close to me throughout my life have been using my abilities for their personal gain. It started young when my father would single me out among my siblings and spend long hours with me alone telling me about how bad a person my mom was. From that time, I've seen my dad have a good successful life while my mom's life ended up a total mess. This went on throughout my life with friends saying bad stuff about other people to me while being very kind and generous to myself. Needless to say, the "hit" went to those I believed to be bad and unbelievably good stuff happened to those close to me.

You mentioned that your ex did a 360 on you? That has happened to me many times in my life, where my family members and really close friends very suddenly turn very oppressive to the point of trying to bully me around. I'm still trying to figure out for sure what brings the change on, but my theory at this point is that the temptation to take control of my abilities invites a lot of negative entities trying to dominate me to serve some sinister purpose. Oddly enough, the behavior and oftentimes, even some exact speech patterns and words repeat themselves every time the turn around in people happens.

Based on what I've experienced, and I don't know if our cases are similar or not, but the best advice I can give to you is to try your best to control your anger. I haven't been successful at this in the past and I've destroyed a lot of people's lives through negative influences from selfish people. When you find yourself getting really angry at someone you love (especially your family), try to turn your emotion around as soon as you can before things become irrepairable. Sorry this post is too long, but also try not to trust people too much especially when you notice a 360 in their behavior, if they behave like a totally different person then maybe it's not them.
PathR (4 stories) (1247 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-23)
Myissa so sorry for posting the 2nd reply
Was meant for another story...
PathR (4 stories) (1247 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-23)
Normally when we tap into a location, we can sensatively connect to the residual pain of the
I hate to admit that when tapping in the feelings
And sensation can be so intense, it is actually over
Powering. I sounds as if you tapped onto the imprint.

In a Trance mediumship: the spirt comes through
For edification of the hear. Sometimes the guide
Can be seen and felt.

Physical mediumship: would have an accompanyment
Of an etheric mist and face of the deceased.
For Trance mediumship/Physical Mediumship-there are
More sensations for the host, such as cold, hot, smell

If there was a spirit it would be a spirit attachment.
PathR (4 stories) (1247 posts)
8 years ago (2012-08-23)
With Karma the belief is we want these scenarios
To grow.
Some of this is reprogramming and some of this is
Healing for our self. But it has to fit like a circle
So our eyes see though the heart of love and observation. Eliminating the (Id) - that is the hurt
Inner child (or old patterns).

Love, hands/heart of observation are the best tools.
Life seems so different from these windows.
But it is not all fun and games, at times it can be
Work,work, even with tears in your eyes.

Your ex-boyfriend, seems to have an issue: of abandonment, Loss of control, and hurt by a parent.

There is a very good book! The Love You Find

Thanks for sharing your story

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