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Moving On


I have posted a story on here a while back. I'm still on the fence weather I have any kind of abilities or not. The only article I wrote on here was about me being attacked during the night by a woman. I could hear her voice and would roll out of bed the next morning with bruises all over my legs. It's a long story. After this insistent, I figured I had opened a door that should have stayed closed. So thought up of a door in my head. I metal door that stays closed at all times. Then last week a friend I went to high school with was killed in a car accident. I must of had my guard down because I had a dream of him that very day he died. I told him I'm sorry what happened to him, and that I would see him again soon. And he was confused. I realized I was dreaming, but couldn't wake up. So I told him again, " Jake, you're dead!" He started yelling at me saying it's not true. I'm in this dream fighting with him. I wake up and thought it was the strangest thing. The next night, Jake was in my dream again. I am aware that I'm asleep. So I again tell him, "Jake, you're dead." This time he accepted it. And I cannot even explain the look on his face. He was so happy, and so at peace. I started crying, I was so happy for him. I haven't talked to Jake in 6 years. So why would he pick me? Out of all his friends. Why am I having these dreams?

Unfortunately, after this pleasant experience. I started having night terrors. Nightmares of possession. Waking up to screaming in my ear. It's starting to worry me, again.

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