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I See How People Of The Past Died In Unusual Circumstances


It is really difficult to know where to start. My first instinct is to jump right in and just blurt out what has been bothering me for about, 20 years now.

I don't actually class myself as psychic, I see it more as 'I have these weird 'things' that happen' or I call them 'dreams', because it is easier; yes I do 'dream' them in my sleep, but I also get them whilst wide awake and doing every day things. I have these 'things' that turn out to be a) real in the future or b) have happened in the past, unknown happenings to me and friends and family, and then become real past happenings that are then shown on television for example.

I have had them happen from when I was a child, as young as I can remember. Things such as dreaming of a whole day, from start to finish, locations I have never been to in my life even seeing landmarks in detail and street name signposts etc even conversations, and then in the near future, going to the locations, saying and doing physically everything in locations I had 'dreamt' about and seeing all the landmarks etc etc.

I will explain an example in detail of one occurrence, that I dreamt about from the past, and just passed the dream off as 'I'm dwelling too much on a stupid dream stop being stupid' whilst still having a gut feeling it does not feel right, and then months down the line, watching a documentary about strange deaths, and my dream unfolding before my eyes in detail.

The reason for this, is so that someone, anyone, can understand maybe, and then maybe help me come to terms with the dawning realization that unhappy dead people, generally people that have had their life taken from them, contact me, for many different reasons, but I do not know how to help them. Generally they want help. Most of the time, I do not know how to help them. The one I have had (and still does reoccur) for 20 years is the one that perturbs me the most.

It makes me cry and I get upset, and frustrated that they can't help me more with information, and the fact that I can't help them.

Just one example to illustrate before I say about the actual 'thing' I've come on here for help with: For 2 years from the age of 13 I had these 'things' I will call them, where asleep and awake I would see in my mind's eye, a lady, from the 1950s, with dark short curly hair, black coat and light coloured driving gloves, driving her car down a country road in America. I do not know how I knew it was in America, I just did. Some things I can't explain how I know, I just do.

The lady is in a black or dark coloured classic 1950's car with white/cream seats. The front seat that the lady sits on, is the type where it is, I can only describe it as a 'sofa seat', there aren't two separate seats, just one big long one as the front seat. (At this point I will add, I hardly 'see' in full colour. Sometimes details are in colour whilst the rest is in black and white. I have only ever had 2 things in full colour).

All of a sudden, the car goes down this embankment thing, off the road, and into a river instead of driving across this simply constructed white bridge over the river. It is as if at this point I am a witness watching her car go off the road, and I am witnessing it from the opposite bank of the river to her.

Then it is like I am in the passenger seat next to her but invisible, and she is panicking like mad as it starts going off course, and then the car goes into the river. She can't get out, or open the windows, or open the doors as the car goes under the water.

As it disappears under the water, it's like, I am out of the passenger seat and viewing her on the outside of the car, as if I am looking right at her through the windscreen, as she screams for help and is panicking. Then black and the 'viewing' ends. I don't see her actually die or dying, just the panicking first parts.

I'm sorry that I may have jumped from past to present tense, but I can still 'view' it the same as I did then, and at the moments of me 'viewing', to me, it is the present, not the past, at the same time as knowing the era of the past if you get me?

One night, I was sat at my Mums, and this odd documentary came on the telly. It was about strange car deaths. I then told my mum the things I had 'viewed'. She looked a bit spun out/weirded out by my 'story' and then said, don't worry about it, maybe dwelling on it makes it more real to me, which I accepted.

Then blow me, the next thing, the next subject on the doc, is about, a lady from the 1950's from America, that for some odd reason, her car just went off the road as if she'd misjudged the bridge and went plunging into the river, in her black car, with her black short hair, and black coat on in the early hours of one morning. My mum looked at me mouth agog, and then at the television again. Bear in mind, this is before the 'worldwide web' etc. The documentary even said she had cream leather driving gloves on. Then it showed her photo and it was her. I still don't know the lady's name now, but she was an actress, on the brink of getting somewhere in the film industry in America, an unknown. It still makes me feel funny, because that was my first, my very first 'thing' to do with dead people.

The one at the minute, is, it is so sad and upsets me. It is in the U.K, around the late 30's early 40's era. It is about two sisters, aged 8 and 6. I do not know what they look like. The reason I don't know what they look like is because I am inside their dead bodies.

To clarify, they can let me inside themselves to view what is happening, I can see the view of what they can 'see' whilst dead. I can't move whilst in them, but they won't let me see their faces or themselves only the world around them. Maybe there is a reason why? If there is, then I am glad I can't see, because I think that could possibly, depending what it is, do my head right in.

The overwhelming thing about it is, all the while they are letting me see, they are saying/pleading "help us, help us find our Mummy, please, we want our Mummy..." It is making me cry now as I write because I am a Mummy myself, and the feeling of despair they throw on me, is astronomical. Plus I want to help them, but for whatever reason, and I can't work out why, they can only show me stuff in a 'dead state' not the events preceding. All I can do, which sounds mental is 'psychically' cuddle them. It is like I can cuddle them, still not seeing them. I can't explain it. I know it sounds crazy, but that's how it is, I can cuddle/console these two dead girls in my mind's eye that I can't actually visually see and give details what they look like, but I can feel, physically, I am cuddling them.

The details: We are in some sort of sack/bag. I can see the sky out the bag and the mans hand holding the bag top but not so as it is closed, therefore why I can see the sky. He has hairy chunky hands. He has a dark coat on, a summer coat. He has a thick neck/wide-ish neck and a dark coloured flat cap on his head.

He is dragging us up a track or path of some kind in the U.K. Countryside. All I can say is that it is the bottom half of Great Britain somewhere, they do not give me any inclination of it being the northern part of Britain nor Ireland nor Scotland or Wales. Generally one or both let me know if I am wrong, and I don't know how I know, I just know it is the bottom half of Great Britain, in the South.

There are random trees that come into view along the path or whatever it is that he is dragging us along. It seems forever that he is dragging us.

He flops us out of the sack/bag thing all of a sudden. (I can swap between bodies, I know it is morbid, but I can. I don't particularly relish that I can, or like it, but I just can). First sister: I am looking at grass, that looks like it could possibly be some sort of natural verge with a woods spread out before me, with no grass growing within the woods. The trees on the whole are thin trunked straggly ones. I know that some are beech trees, because my own self recognizes them as beech trees. I happen to come from the Midlands countryside in the U.K.

I can see that at the very right edge, there are fields at the side, grassy, possibly meadowland? And the path track thing is whitish/very light coloured/light grey type ground, that is uneven and stoney and dusty. It is very very early in the morning, because my face is wet and I can see dew on the grass.

Second sister: I am looking at an expanse of the same dusty ground. Like it opens up. There is a tall fence, wire fencing, at least 6 to 7 foot high (it looks like that to me, remember I am seeing from the eyes of a child) and on the other side of this type of opening up of ground, is this building. A massive one. It is grey to me, but the sister shouts blue, it's blue, the building is blue.

The man has heavy black boots on. And there is a spade.

It annoys me, and I ask them all the time, when I see this awake, 'try and show me more, try and show me him in the woods' but they can't: (The closest they've come to showing me anything extra, is that people nowadays walk their dogs, yards/feet away from their grave, which is a short way into the woods, about three man strides from the verge. People and dogs have actually walked and stood on top of them, and a black Labrador has even urinated on their 'grave' if you can call it that).

For some reason they won't show me his face. I get the feelings from them, they are frightened to show me his face for some reason, or anything before their death. The visions stop there, and they just cry and plead help us, help us find our Mummy, we want our Mummy.

I darent go to the police or anything, I am scared they will think I am some crack pot, and the things they let me see are very vague as in details. There are lots of details, but not the right ones to help the police.

I have tried to look for any clues to any of it on the internet, but nothing has come up. Maybe because it is war time, people assumed something to do with the war happened to them, I don't know, but I can't find anything. It would help if I had names, but they aren't forthcoming with their names.

They try their hardest to help me help them, but maybe things get lost? I don't understand how things 'work', I just know what I am shown and that for some reason they want me to be the one they have picked to show things to.

It has helped writing it down a bit, but tbh I still feel useless to them both, and perturbed and all the things I felt before. I guess it would just help, if somebody, anybody, has or has had something like this particular 'thing' I am plagued by, not that I would wish it on anyone, but at least I am not the only one that has this. Maybe someone can help me in the way of coming to terms with instances when you just can't help them, no matter how much you want to.

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mum (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
Rainbow 29: 😊 and ally 26 😊: because I am in the U.K. I have to go to bed now, I have read everything you have both written, and both your comments have touched me. I will definately get in touch tomorrow (or later today, depending on how you look at it from my time in the early hours of the morning). I feel a lot more at ease within myself, that I'm not imagining it all, it's a heck of a long while to imagine it all and hugs to everyone, because the relief of knowing it isn't just me that has this happen so vividly does help.
I have had others in the past, that have shown me things, and then they have just 'gone' by themselves. Maybe yes, because I have acknowledged all of them through my life, and I will admit sometimes I have been scared when seeing whatever, I still have acknowledged they are there. I've even talked out loud to them, if people heard me goodness knows what they would think, a crazy woman scaredly asking questions to nothing in th room 😢 but none have ever hurt me, as in physically injured me, I will say that. Some don't say anything at all, have just shown me stuff, and then cleared off never to be seen ever again... But I will come on here again like I said earlier, and I will email. It has helped me more than all of you know, or perhaps you do know some of you... Xxx
mum (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
Edmund: that is something that I have felt from the off, even though recently the passing over has been a consideration for me, I don't know, how they show me what they show me, says to me too they want to be found.

I have looked and looked, as much as I can at photos after photos, on google images, even people I make friends with on social networking sites, their holiday snaps everything, and even when I have been to the south of england, and even out and about anywhere, I have never seen the place or road or track or wherever it is. I wish they could show me more, but my partner, made a very valid point after I had posted my submission; he said 'have you tried asking them where did you live? Or where did you play? Where was school?' instead of the obvious questions I have been asking them all along.

I think they do want their Mummy, but it is said to me more in the vein of without being too descriptive, how a child would say it in a begging manner to whoever the man is: (desparately: (I would pass them over, and I would have thought they wouldn't have been bothered all this time to keep showing me their hardest where they are if they just wanted to pass over. I mean, they've even shown me those extras of people walking on their grave nowadays etc, but like I said, I don't really know how any of it works on their part. Does anybody truly really? 100%? Its all supposition, because unless we are ourselves dead, then to me that is the time when we will go 'ah, so that's how it is,' or ' those on that psychic experiences site, they were spot on' if you know what I mean 😁
Its a heck of a puzzle isn't it. But ultimately, I just want to help them if I can. The thing is, for 20 years I haven't been able to, so is it worth just saying look, I'm sorry, i've tried my hardest, but I can't help, i'm so sorry, but if you want to go over the other side, then I can help you do that?
Rainbow29 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
Hey, I'm Experiencing Exactly the same 'happenings'& since I was 8 or at least that was my first 'sight' now after a turbulent time of life so far & so so much doubt & lies around me its been a nightmare to get to grips with, i've even just recently booked myself in for brain scans to just check for scarring to maybe help answer a few questions that have been unanswerable for 24 years now I don't know how to help either which such detailed info & limited everything but spirit, i've read so much crap & found that what I had originally worked out for myself was always closer to the truth than anything else... Always after I almost killed myself to figure it all out, over an over...:/ I guess what i'm trying to say is Thankyou, i'm not sure you can know how much you have helped me by sharing a little of your story, I now just how much of our lives this 'thing' occupies, the way I see it, it is another way of being, surving, helping others to realise & continue to survive long after we're thought to be gone, & helping those that were thought 'unsaveable' get home & continue their growth... I'm rambling now I apologise! Its not something that can be switched on or off, you either want the truth of everything & the universe & get it, or you don't & you're never aware of the power we each hold- for the good of all- logging tonight in which I haven't done since I created the page because I was too afraid to spill brought me straight to you at 02;22 - I created my profile on a 22nd, I don't think its a coincidence... Feel free to contact/connect with me anytime, here or in mind, i'm sure we could learn together... Sending you lots of loving protecting Light, will hopefully help you as much as it has me;)
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
It may be hard crossing them over, but its not impossible.
Mum I completely understand with you where its hard not to get emotionally attached.

About a year ago this 5 year old little boy started to follow me. It all started when I felt somebody hold my hand, I look down to find this boy just seeming so lost. He latered followed me home not letting go of my hand. I was confused and asked him why he was here. He said he was lost and doesn't remember what happened. He knew he was dead, but didn't remember how he died. He told me he just woke up like this.

It was so sad because later he was trying to pick up crackers I had on the counter when he couldn't. 😢
Anyways right from the start I started to get emotionally attached with him. He even started to call me his sister and that just crushed my heart, but with my sister's, me, and my friend's effort we helped him through just by understanding him and some kind words. He was free and he knew it.

The main thing these two littlies want is to find peace. Maybe they do need their grave found or maybe they just need someone who can understand them and just listen, as in my experience.

Remember Mum, you have the power to help them. Never feel like you can't, cause you are helping them whether it be giving out a hand or just listening to them and I bet they know that since they keep coming back to you.

You have an amazing gift and I took care of the email thing. I post it up on my profile for whenever you need it. 😊
Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
mum... I just have a feeling that it would be very hard to cross them over... They want to be found first. And that would take finding the grave or the path that you mentioned... White roses...
mum (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
thank you so much for you all replying. Ally_26 and PathR: I would definately like to keep in touch with both of you, because, to be honest, in books, on the internet, etc etc there is that much information on the subject, and believe me I've looked at tonnes for decades and a lot of it conflicts with itself. I have found tonnes that agrees with each other, and tonnes that agrees with conflicting info if you understand, which then means it is a toss up 50/50 which is the best, and correct info 😕 I have tried so hard to not get attached, but it is difficult to not get slightly emotionally attached, I think the attachment is normal because it is a tugging of my heart strings maternally. 😢 even before I had children, I am the oldest of four girls, and i've always been sort of like, not a replacement mummy, but being the oldest I naturally helped with my sisters etc, so I naturally can't help feeling for these two littlies 😢 it did actually cross my mind after writing this, surely their mummy would not be alive now, or without sounding horrible very old and on her last legs for want of better words. I have thought, am I misconstruing their calls for help, and what they are asking of me is to pass them over. I have always taken it you see that they are wanting to a) out where their bodies are, and b) because they are little, they still through time would still want their mummy just like when it happened or any time when they were alive. All kids want their mummy or daddy when they hurt themselves or bad stuff happens, and I have read it as that, when yes, you have a valid point that wanting mummy could mean we can't get to her help us cross over and get to her because she's waiting for us both.
Because I am new here, I will work out how to message you on here, and then get email/info etc if that's ok.
Rockypelt: very interesting, and yes, sorry for it being long winded. But also, I know what you mean because I have had very similar things to that too.
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
Wow quite an amazing story you told us. My sister and I use to have wondering spirits too. In my opinion the best way to help them is to send them into the light/ cross them over.
My sister use to be soo confused on how to help them. We both felt helpess, So my parents took my sister to a psychic, and he told her that she can cross them over to the light by making a sign of a cross towards them, saying god bless you, and picturing a white light where they rise into it. This actually worked with my sister but might not work for everybody. You can try it and see the results.
You can also go to a medium or Psychic (a reliable one) and ask them on how you can help them.

Sometimes it might take some convincing to make them move on. I bet they can't find there mommy because she probably moved on already and
Shes waiting for them.

Its nice that you comfort them but remember don't create an attachtment with them because this prevents them from moving on!

I am very touched by your story and feel compelled to help. You can keep in touch with me incase you need any help.

Love & Light always 😊
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-30)
mum you have a few things going on!

The future and the past in the psychic sense:
Via Dreams our conscious travels to the Askaic records. Some of the culmination is also in
Various planes visited and us aligning our energy to the experience of the individual we are seeing/experiencing. This works some what like
A Spirit Guide would align in our back to give forth
Messages, impression, but learns more to the scenario of a Physical Medium whom brings forth the loved ones-soul whom speaks face to face. To be more specific in a Pagan sense is us riding the (Discarnate soul).

If you wish to email me we can chat via email.
I have a sense of what would be helpful if you
Wish more information.

I too have experience in different facets similar
To yours, so please be assured your completely

Akashic aka: cosmic sky,"space/aether", Kosmic Plane:Store consciousness.
(Go to Physical Mediumship)
(In Trance medium we can experience of the guide coming through).

The best is yet to come!
Rockypelt (1 stories) (66 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-29)
hmmmm...first of all, LONG STORY MAN! Second of all yeah I get what you mean. Sometimes I have dreams of deaths that happened in the past like witch hangings, and drowning, but the next day, in history class we read about it. So I was all like WTF? 😆 😁 but the witch deaths are sad 😭

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