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Bonded By Fate?


I'm a 17 year old girl who has found the love of my life, I know some of you are probably thinking it's not possible at such a young age but trust me it is. I grew up in a bad environment with not very good parents and it caused me to be very shy and isolated and scared of people, I always would see how happy and open people could be and I wanted to be the same but no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't happen. I couldn't even open up to my best friend. Then that day happened when I met him and my whole world changed, It was love at first sight and an instant connection, I had to know him and he had to know me and I never thought how open I could be! He knows everything about me and I knew everything about him and It was perfect! I never thought I could feel so comfortable around someone! He's my true love and best friend. The thing is though I feel REALLY connected to him even before we officially met! I would see him around the school and just knew in a strange sense I was suppose to know him and he said the same thing about me. I can't really explain it. One day he had gotten into a fight with his step dad and I was going over to his house that day and I hadn't known about the fight until later on, when I had walked through the door he greeted me with the biggest smile and loving gesture but even though I had seen a smile I had been overwhelmed with the most painful feeling of sadness and depression and I could feel my eyes watering and tears running down my face. I could literally feel his pain! I didn't tell him about it though until later and at the time I played it off. But just recently I had an experience with some family issues and have begun feeling down and I tried to keep these events on the down low because I want him to be happy and not worry him too much. I decided to spend the weekend with him and just have some time with him and while I was laying with him on the couch watching television I started spacing out about the issues and just thinking through these thoughts and fighting back tears and I managed to get control of myself but then suddenly he said my name and I looked at him and he was teary eyed! I was SO shocked! And freaked! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! He asked me what was wrong and telling me how he hated feeling this heart breaking pain and saying how he was confused because he knows it has something to do with me and I don't know what to think at this point because no matter how good of actors we are to each other some how our masks seem to fall off around each other with no real effort! Because even though my eyes were fooled by his very realistic smile that day something was able to tell me it was fake and let me experience his true feelings. And it's not just bad feelings I can feel I feel everything he feels! Is it possible to be bonded with someone like this! I can sometimes feel others emotions but his is just unbelievable! What should I think about this?

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star1620 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
Thank you guys SOOOO much for your reply's and thank you the most Kybaby! You've experienced the same exact things I have! Its nice knowing other people experience the same things as me!:) When we first met it was just an indescribable feeling of happiness and love and I knew this feeling was telling me my path is meant with him!:) It was the greatest day of my life! He's my partner in life! I know what you mean about not being judged! With him there's just this instant acceptance! I was never accepted by my family and none of my friends understood me really or believed in me but with him he helped make me stronger with his love and support! And its just amazing how connected we are together! And exactly what you said the smallest things we will know about each other or feel about each other!:) And I will defiantly check those things out! I wish you and Justin much happiness!:) I'm just glad you and I have found our soul mates! I just wish everyone could!:) Thank you for sharing YOUR experience with me and thanks to all the others also! ❤
BeingHaunted (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-10)
Like me and this one dude! I'm a teenager too and I always had dreams/visions of my soul mate in the past, present and future! Also not too long ago I started hear some boy's thoughts in my head. Something told me, you know him, and you should trust him.

I was raised in a bad family too, but when our thoughts became connected m whole life changed.

But I will give you a tip; believe in this. Most people never ever find there soulmate or true love. Some people do but they choose to ignore it. Trust me I would know this. My mother and father are soulmates. I just know they are...
babyybearr (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-08)
I agree with kybaby, why has no one commented?

Before I met my boyfriend I had dreams of his coming. Now we are together for a year and a half, but we have had a lot of problems down the road. Along with the dreams came some I guess "proof" that it was meant to be. I had this one dream that came about the same night I met him, it was so weird.

I was still a virgin when I met him, but I kissed a lot of guys. 28 to be exact, he was 29. And when I kissed him I don't know how to describe it, it felt as if I had feelings for him already. And the first words he told me after we kissed was "I choose you." It was kind of weird.

We bonded so fast, we both come from different backgrounds I have both my parents and live in a 3 floored house and am able to afford my own car. But I still have my own family issues, and he comes from the hood, his real dad's not around, he hates his step dad, it's just a long story. But there are times where I'll be thinking something, and he answers to it. Telepathy much?

Like for example, I went to the bathroom and I heard him whistling from afar. And in my head I said "Nice whistle." And he replied back out loud, "Thank You." And I was like, "To what?" and he said, "You said, nice whistle." But I said it in my head so it's weird.

Just not long ago I had a sort of "past dream" I guess of us. And this chick named Morella, I never heard of the name before I had the dream. It was actually my first post on here. As if we were together in our past lives before.

Some people may not believe in love at first sight, and it comes with issues too, but it happens. I feel as if our bond goes back years, life times even.
kybaby (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-08)
Oh my goodness! I love this story by the way, and I am shocked nobody has commented on it. I am 20 and I am in a very fate like bond with my boyfriend too, we haven't been together all that long and unfortunately, I had to move away from California to Virginia so we are in a long distance relationship. We both believe that if this happened between a different person, we'd give up on the relationship. But because it is HIM and to him, it is ME, we cannot see letting the other go as an option. We both believe strongly that we are suppose to be together and that love at first sight phenomena you talked about, happened with us too, and the crying, and simply the closeness between us is indescribable. I never could open up to anyone too, I've always felt like a freak. I've always felt like I could never be understood by family or the closest of friends. But, with Justin... It's like, I can tell him the secrets I have, and the observations I have and never ever feel judged or ashamed but mainly I feel like he totally 100% understands what I am trying to say. Oh, also, an experience I had with him not too long ago: He was working and I was home (mind you that we're 2,000 miles apart.) and I was crying and just in so much pain missing him like crazy... And he texted me out of nowhere and said, "I'm holding you right now, I love you." He had no idea I was upset... And even little things like, when I was on the phone with him and he told me that I was going to have ice cream tonight, yep ice cream... What he didn't know is that I had JUST gotten home from making a SPECIFIC ice cream run. Doesn't matter how stupid or small or whatever, the point is, he felt me. And I always feel him when he tells me he's laying next to me (and like a baby I'm crying now! Lol, by the way, sorry this is long... I've just never shared this experience I'm having with anybody for fear that they will not understand, but you do... And that's fantastic... I would NEVER tell you that you cannot feel this way at 17... I believe in old souls, I believe in soul mates. You and him should go see Cloud Atlas. And also, perhaps look up Indigo Children/adults) Anyway! Thank you for sharing your story, I believe in that kind of love, and you and I both are VERY blessed to have this experience. Many will never know... MUST SHARE: He JUST texted me a picture of him wearing my pink hair band around his wrist again, out of nowhere. (The last night I had with him, he asked if he could have it) Oh sweet girl, love like this is to last many lifetimes I truuuly believe it. ❤

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