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I am not sure if you categorise as pyschic experience, but it is surely a curious coincidence.

Me and my friend used to go to our professor every saturday to have a chat. This was generally related to books. The prof was

A voracious reader and used to recommend the books from different fields. It happened more than few times that when

We used to discuss about a book (generally rare to get) I used to spot it on a footpath the next day (I used to frequent the second-hand book

Shops on footpath).

This is not limited to books. There are other incidences where some reference is made to something and I come across that thing in some form the very next day.

Example, I was chatting with my friend. He said his school-mate has become a doctor and he told his hospital name. Next day when I was in a medical shop to buy some medicines, a guy standing next to me was talking on phone. He mentioned same hospital name and that friend's name. The hospital is not very big and famous still this is a coincidence.

One day I was browsing a book and came across fact entioned by the author about India mystics. After some days when I was reading a short-story book, the author had made reference to the same fact about India mystic - again coincidence.

Also one more curious thing when total strangers meet me they think they know me. I loom someone whom they know.

Once I had gone to attend a marriage from Muslim community (different religion) in a town (some 500 miles from my town).

There one man tapped on my shoulder and asked if I was Aslam (or some such muslim name). I said, no. He said I look like

Aslam - man he knows.

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pradeepananda (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-22)
I felt this same thing but in a different way. I maybe humming a tune in the morning and I will hear it once or twice in TV or other sources before going to sleep. It doesn't occur regularly but frequently...
nicole94 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-09)
I think in your past life you were aslam. Try doing past life regression hypnosis. Meditate in a dark room then when you feel you are ready, imagine yourself climbing up a spiral stairs (visualization like hearing seeing feeling it is important. Don't worry. You must be thinking throughout the experience your mind is playing tricks on you. Trust yourself. Do not doubt.) and on top of it there is a door. Once you had opened the door, you should be able to see your past life. If not, probably you are some look-alike of someone. I would not say doppelganger but in most cases its called a doppelganger.

You might want to seal yourself with a protection light before doing the whole thing.

Imagine yourself being surrounded in pure white light, or think of anything that is happy like happy memories and say this is my protection against negative energies or anything that is like.

Something like that.

I may not be able to tell you much because I am still learning and beginning at this.

Good luck on your psychic journey!:)

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