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I'll start with the dreams first.

Dreams of a brother?

I'm the youngest sibling in my family. I have two older sisters, but no brothers. But for as long as I remember I have been having dreams that I do.

I'll admit that I've always wanted a brother, not a younger brother. My nephew fills that slot, he's not much younger than I am and he lives with my family. We fight like siblings though. But an older, protective older brother.

These dreams are definitely not "Wanting" dreams, but events as if I have an older brother or I do in these dreams. Sometimes it feels as if I have more than one older brother, but in reality I don't have them.

I've had only two past life dreams before, the one I don't even know if I should consider it a past life entirely. It confused me, I posted it here titled "Dream Of Past Life Memories On Halloween". The other I remember being condemned in Europe somewhere as either a witch or vampire. It was so long ago I had this, I'm not sure.

There are times where I travel into realms through my dreams. Like a lot of realms, there's too many to put here for an example. But whenever I go into these realms, and when I leave I wake up that same moment.

I'll describe the one realm dream I had, it had an impact on me. In reality I always feel as if when I'm driving onto the highway on a ramp, I feel as if I'm about to enter something new. The dream started out that way, and it really did lead m to somewhere new. I didn't have my car, I was walking on this highway, and I've had the feeling that I've been there before.

I along with many others are walking towards a place that the people of this place calls them "Sapphire Upper Class" and the only people who could visit this place where their descendants. At times they would come over to our side, but in a different form than what I would see them as. There was a time limit that you could be there, if you stayed there their reality bodies would in someway just disappear. I left obviously, and I crossed the high way, when I got on the ramp I was back in my car. When I got to the end I woke up.

This other time I had a dream where I was in the in-between. Death came to me, said "It's not your time yet." And sent me back, the minute he did I woke up.

I also connect with people in my dreams. This one time someone gave me their number to call them in real life, but I forgot the last digit. But to explain what I mean, I mean Mutual Dreams. Two people sharing the same dream. And the person I usually share with, is not my boyfriend, but we've had a couple of these already.

This person is Japanese. I'm only part Japanese, I understand it. But have a hard time speaking it. But in this dream it was like it was English to me. So easy. We talked and caught up. I know I was in a white dress, like a summer-spring one. In a place like a park. And I was having fun and smiling. It was sunny out. When we said our good-byes I woke up.

I've also had dreams before I met my boyfriend. Basically, I had dreams of his coming. In which some just told me it would bring about change, did it ever. Other times, to prove it would happen it'd show me a scene and later they'd come true. I was basically being shown Crows in my dreams. Crows symbolize change. Makes sense. I've been with him for a year and a half now, but when we first kissed I knew it was meant to be. I've kissed a lot of guys (28 to be exact), so I know the difference. One of my past life dreams, that I don't know if I should consider a full past life dream, included him in it.

My dreams will always make me curious. I keep a journal of them, but it's weird what I experience. I don't know the proper terms of such, if you do let me know! I'm open to hearing your stories, or opinions on such.

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Kiame2012 (9 stories) (24 posts)
9 years ago (2012-11-11)
I've read your post on mine named "Fearing Darkness" and you've struck me in a way I believe you are one of us. There is 3 girls, and 2 men total in my group. But at the moment, we have 2 girls, and possibly one man (not sure about him though) at this moment.

My group has proved that we have been able to use energy chains, and extend a spiritual hand and arm to stretch for miles onto a person we focus on. My group has also proved we are enabled to emmit a blue ray of light from ourselves uncontrollably. A girl and I within my group has known of ourselves before we were born, and were enabled to think for ourselves while still devloping within a mother's womb. I, personally remember being a soul within heaven though, and picking a family I found most suitable.

We've all sensed a darkness of betrayal and hatred at all points of our lives. Demons personally has followed me since an infant not wanting me to understand who I was.

I watch Japenese Anime, and when I watch the subtitle version, I could actually translate it to my langauge and make it to like they were speaking English to me at one point; without reading the subtitles. Then I would go back, read the subtitles, and everything I translated was 90% acurate.

If you can relate to at least 70% of the examples I gave to you, please contact me at LoveitRockit [at]

P.S~ We've all found we are apart of the group the chosen ones, and have backround proof from previous years of our lives.
PathR (4 stories) (1262 posts)
9 years ago (2012-11-11)
Dreams vary from persons to person.

For you are only looking for validation of what
You sense and believe to be true!

The idea of your dream symbols-pointing to journeys.
Of Previous past lives.
I've met people whom tell me we have had past lives together, more in the last few years.
And now we are interacting and supporting each other.
This support and working together does occure on
A higher plane. Yes and more of us are joining with others to work. This work affects the physical world.

What I have found is I too dream of being in a vehicle, Then going from room to room which has symbols. For me I ask a question then the dream comes with an answer showing me what is going on.

Lately I pray and an in an inbetween state, to hear a voice make a statement, and see a face.
Which gives me answers!

Its been very active in the last few months.

So I encourage you to take a real good look at the dreams, and in your awake time, ask question for confirmation. Because you may find it will open up even more.

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