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I've been thinking, there are other forces, and I know someone here must know something on spirits and how to... There is so much I want to learn about this subject because it's interesting knowing about different realities and other beings that are there. I wrote a note about Lucifer and I'm not interested in meeting the devil, but just in general I would like to contact different realities.

Please don't think I'm "out there", I would just enjoy to hear people's stories and experiences on this. I do want to say, don't want to cheat life by asking spirits all the time of what I should do, or generally being dependent on other realms for advice or company. I've played the Ouija Board online and had messages such as "I am one to be feared" "an associate" but not sure if online messages are not rigged to say certain things at times, like a rotation of phrases. I could never contact a spirit or a source of knowledge because I don't know how. I've sat down and meditated but the only thing or form of contact that I got was my imagination talking to me, which is laughable. Heard of meditation where you can channel, but I'm not a psychic yet I think it a gift to have. Could someone.

I'm asking just give me a heads up on other realms and channeling with other beings. How do you do it, if its one of those things that you keep hidden because its your gift then that's fine, please keep it a gift. Thanks for any input.


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ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-26)
The universe is literally limit-less. If you can imagine it, it can be done somehow, somewhere.
If you pick up contact with your spirit guide then you can see parts of the Mental-Spirit world. This is basically where Spirit Guides exist and where we basically go to when we are in alternet states. It is in fact a very beautiful and peaceful place. I have seen this part of the Spirit World because I has watching my Guide, Mary.
You can easily develope your gift by reading about other gifts and experiences. This stimmulates the part of your brain that controls the "sixth sense" or the psychic talents.
If you want more information you can email me at para_normal_333 [at] It is also posted on my profile.

Blessed be
Lolli ❤
MirrorsO (1 stories) (150 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-26)
There's so many alternative realities or realms that listing them would take years even moreso since they don't have names. Also, using and listening to a ouiji board whether for real or online is not recommendable. Plus the ones online are usually rigged to give similar predetermined answer. It's rather predictable and boring. I could help you start getting in touch with some realms, but in order to do that, you have to be sure of being prepared to see things you never imagined. 😊
epsilon103 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
Hi. I sense spirits fairly often though it's not in the seeing them directly type of way. It's more of a really strange form of telepathy. You know that feeling that someones watching you and you turn to that direction and see empty space. Well it's a little similar to that. What happens with me is that I'll be in a room such as say a classroom or a school cafeteria. Usually there's lots of noise and actions that are taking place but generally speaking that doesn't usually catch my attention. What catches my attention is that quite frequently I'll be drawing and minding my own business when a part of me will get a shivery feeling. It can be any of my limbs but depending on which one it is the spirit will be in a different direction. Now the wierd part is when I look in that direction I will occasionally will see the air shimmering like the affect you would get in a heat wave. Usually as soon as I look at that area a clear image of that person will come to my mind. These people are always ones who I have never seen in my life but the images seem too detailed to be false. At that point the air stops shimmering but I can still see the person mentally in my mind. However if the spirit does something then I'll usually be able to tell immediatly. It's like playing a live video in my head. Even if I'm not looking at them Ill still see their actions clearly. Sometimes I can even talk to them this way. If one is say standing behind me or near me then I will say something under my breath and afterwards they'll respond to what I have to say with a facial expression or projecting amessage into my mind. Overall this ability can be really nice at times but can be rather exhausting. The difficult part about the connection is that often times more than one spirit tries to get my attention at once or atreally bad timing. If you really want to contact spirits then try doing creative things such as drawing or painting. I know this sounds crazy butwhen people draw they unconciously access the right side of their brain. This side has been proven to be the more creative subconcious side of the brain. As you probably know the subconcious is related to sensing spirits and such in the sense that it's easier to sense things when your not focused on specific things. I've tried meditation but I've noticed that it's a lot harder to just make your mind blank than togradually space out while doing something relaxing. I think that my abilities are partially linked to the fact that I draw often. I always carry art supplies of various types on hand and paper because I love to draw in any free time I get. I also wish to be a proffessional artist when I'm older. Though enough said about me. The point is that the majority of my experiences occurr when I'm drawing and that it is a good form of meditation. The art doesn't need to be brilliant or anything. Just be calm and put whatever comes to mind on the paper and let yourself drift into the subconcious state naturally. Good luck to you. Sorry if I found like a person who over analyzes things Just try it out and see what happens. You never know it might work. ^_^ sorry if I went on for too long. I just seem to have a cross between two abilities so it's really hard to explain. Good luck again and CHAO!:D
skywire4929 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-05)
Spirits huh?
Yeah I can channel it perfectly but its getting out of hand, I turn stressful badly then I see spirits as dead people walking everywhere... But over all it is a gift to either keep or share, I shared and it didn't go well with my parents...
Well if you want to know about spirits or ghosts and how to see it more often then email me park255023 [at]

Good luck in the future.

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