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Dream Of Past Life Memories On Halloween


I had an account back about 2 years ago, but I can't find it anymore. Recently, I've been having more intuitive dreams, I don't know why. Lately it's every night. It used to be once in awhile, like about over two years ago, before I met my boyfriend, I had dreams of his coming and our future relationship together. Now we've happily been together for one year and a half. We've had some instances here and there with psychic experiences, I take them to heart while he tends to brush them off.

But this dream got me intrigued. I want to see what others have to say about it. I had this dream in between 2:11am and 7:33am. It was Halloween day too.

So I went to bed around 2:11am. I usually fall asleep on impact with the bed, and in seconds I'm dreaming.

At first my dream started out with a school, a weak minded teacher. The girls created problems, and I defended the teacher. They called me a b*tch and to shut up, and I told them I'd pray for them. I made friends with a really cool dude. After that I saw Christian (that's my friends name present day) in my dream for some reason, but it wasn't really him.

I dunno, we were in old times kind of, but present day as well. Like present day was overlapped with the past. I could levitate, and open doors without using my hands, just my head or my hands signifying them to open. And then I learned of a girl from Christian and his girlfriend. Her was name Morella, and she was hopelessly in love with my boyfriend, and was planning to get married to him randomly. She was on her way to his place, and instead of old transportation these were cars. Like black tinted windowed cars with guards. Before she arrived my people struck down her guards and other transportation making her slow down.

I got to my boyfriend's mansion, he had his own room, a huge room, in the back. The maids could not stop me. I'd send them flying, and force open doors like they were nothing. I'd walk with such grace, but also with attitude & force. I was wearing black and white. My top was black and white, I can't really remember it, I had a short black skirt, and it was either black thigh highs or black leggings, and my black wedge booties.

And the dream was as if it was in the picture of medieval gothic or maybe was it just gothic? I'm not sure, his mansion looked like something from the 19th century. And in present day my boyfriend and his family are no where near rich, in this dream he was filthy rich for no apparent reason. He was making money without lifting a finger.

I also had a sense of vampires or something. Was this influenced by the day of Halloween?

I got to my boyfriend's room and turned the lights on with my mind, only turn it off because I found him sleeping. He awoke as soon as I did, and I told him what was happening. Morella was arriving, and for some reason I hid under his blankets as she arrived.

There we finally said in front of her, revealing myself from the bed and blankets, that we have been together for over a year nearly a year and a half. She was upset and heart broken, and she thought I owed her a hit. So whatever I let her hit me, but it was really weak. Like I could barely feel it. I could send that girl flying if I wanted to. But I didn't I let her be distraught.

Something was going on, something was coming after us and we had to escape. It was a feeling rather than we knew something was comingg. Intuition? I have good intuition in reality. We walked out coolly, but with force. Again the sense of vampires came to me Or something? I don't know what it was. When we got outside men with guns were there, I killed them in an instant. Morella got in her vehicle, we got in ours and drove off.

I woke up a second before my alarm went off at 7:33am. I normally have my alarm set for 7:45am, but I decided to wake up a bit earlier to do my eye makeup. I felt well rested, and the minute I woke up I grabbed my phone and then it just went off. It surprised me, because I only had about 5 hours of rest. Normally I'd be struggling to wake up or stay awake. Later in the day I slept for another 2 hours. But when I awoke that morning I felt good and well rested. It's a first.

I get the feeling this is either a shard of my past life and it's mixed with present day because of Halloween. Or this is going to be my future. I'm not sure, but I looked up the name Morella. **I've never seen or heard of this name before, it's a weird name. It actually exists, it's also a short story by Edgar Allen Poe that's a Gothic horror genre. I also found that it in a way symbolizes that Morella was a vampire. I find this odd, because I never knew this name existed.

What do you think?

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Ysemay_Zasticia (1 stories) (22 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-12)
I don't think this was a past life dream. To me it sounds more like a prophetic dream, for lack of better term. The danger that you sense from what you think of s a vampire is what most intrigues me. Vampires are dark creatures (unless you ask Stephenie Meyer, but I won't get started on that) and I think this dream was given to you in symbolism. I, and many, many others, have felt a danger looming in the near future. We feel that something is ging to happen, and to be blunt it may well turn into a war literally between good and evil, beetween the warriors of the Light and the weilders of the Darkness. I think the vampires in your dream represen the Darkness that you can feel coming, your powers in the dream is your way of acknowledging that the war will be between those of us with ABILITIES. I do not know if this is the true meaning, but that wwas my gut instinct when I read your story. Please e-mail me at adurnarincess [at] if you have any questions or just want more information about this. Hope this helped!
babyybearr (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-04)
[at] Noorh I've had dreams of as if someone were chasing me, I haven't had them in awhile though. Before when I used to have them, I felt as if I wasn't strong or fast enough to protect myself. I don't have them anymore, I have premonitions and what I mentioned above, whatever that was. I have enlightenment, I travel into realms, all through my dreams.

I actually came back to the site to find out more of what I'm capable of, and maybe strengthen it.
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-02)
it could be past life
Yes vampires exist my old was a vampire.
I don't if it was bcz of haloween but I keep on having these dreams two days ago the same patern with my dream is that I am always trying is to escape from something or someone I have these feeling that someone keep on taking of me last night I knowit a far distence but I feel someone is after me do you feelthat too

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