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No One Believes Me


In 2007 I became pregnant with my second child, from the moment I found out I knew something was going to go wrong. I had a stomach wrenching feeling that would not go away, previously I had had a complication free pregnancy with my first child so there was nothing to suggest that anything would be wrong. This feeling got so strong that I eventually went to see my gp who assumed I was crazy and sent me to see a psychiatrist, they assessed me and told me I had ocd. I knew this was not the case but as all my assessment were fine nobody was concerned. Sept 2007 following a normal pregnancy my baby was born with no complications, however he failed to breath and despite the staffs best efforts he did not survive. Everyone was shocked except me I had know all along, following test and reviews no cause of death was every found. Since his birth I have continued to just feel strange things, for example I know if someone is going to contact me before they do! Recently I got in touch with an old school friend, for some reason I have a very strange connection with this guy and a friend has suggested maybe I have known him in a previous life. Although I really don't know anything about him I feel that I must protect him and care for him, there have been a number of times that I have known he has been in the same building as me about an hour before I have actually seen him. At the moment this connection is really freaking me out, I know when he is going to contact me before he does, and my feeling towards him as so strong (not in a sexual/love way) at the minute I really don't know what to do to break this connection. Could I be psychic? No body believes me...

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gacto (3 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-26)
i believe you and I think you are psychic as well. There are many of us like that. I think there is something tieing you to this person is some way. Mayb you really have known him in a previous life. Or maybe fate is throwing you together (not in a love relationship necessarily) to get answers. Not just for yourselves but for others. You see I think we have a strange... Uh mechanism? In our bodies that recognizes other psychics. Perhaps he is one as well. I know that when my friend told me of her psychic experience she was psychic. But when another told me I knew she wasn't telling the truth. Sadly. But that's not the point sorry. The point is I think we can subconciously recognize other psychics and that your friend is one of them. Your just smart enough that the sense wasn't just subconcious. Best of luck
Ancestor (47 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-22)
Hello Viki, sorry to hear about your child, to answer your question Yes you are psychic, we all are, more and more people are waking up in a extremely rapid rate, the changes will only get greater, society as you know it will change drastically (postively ofcourse), you can feel it inside you as the rest does also, huge changes are coming, the only advice I can give you is seek knowledge, keep open minded to everything, but believe your own experiences only, meditate, and learn how to connect with your higher self, the universe or god as how you want to call it..., but above all els be a loving, positive and caring being, your soul is who you truly are, look at your life now, and ask yourself this, what do I truly want to learn and pass on to others (like a piece of yourself)?:) If you have anything els to ask feel free to ask.:)

Wishing you the best,


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