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Second Time Having Relationship Dream Come True


I was seeing this girl who had at once dated an acquaintance of mine. He dicked her over pretty good and from what I gathered though there was still strong emotion towards him it was negative. However after seeing her for only a few weeks, I had this strange dream that me and her were to meet up. So I go to meet up with her in a hospital ironically enough and I see her and all is well. After I leave and come back her ex boyfriend is there and they are laying next to each other holding hands clearly together.

Skip ahead a few weeks (this past weekend) me and her are more distant but all seems fine, no hard feelings or progression towards a relationship. She comes to my house to get some things and she comes with the aforementioned ex boyfriend who is someone I see often... In fact he had been at my house while she had been over several times. Its sort of hard to deny such a correlation? It perplexes me... Because this is not the first time such a dream has come true in an odd fashion. And these dreams do not occur with most females I get involved with... Only particular ones.

The first time this occurred was with a girlfriend of 1.5 years starting at age 18. I will not go into details but our breakup was fairly sour, emotional, and just depressing and drawn out.

After a week of being broken up and me and her trying to remain as friends I had a dream that a friend confessed to me that he had had sex with her. I didn't tell either of them about this dream but shortly after they began hanging out immediately it raised suspicion and I confronted said friend about them hanging out. He claimed it was nothing and they were just friends because he does not have many. And One night coming home from work I see her leaving his place and after some prodding the friend simply claims yeah they're kind of doing there thing together.

It just seems odd to me that this is the second time in a year or so span I have had just pre-notions via dreams. I wouldn't say I dream extremely frequently and when I do its relatively far fetched. But to have dreams like these that outcome in such STRIKINGLY similar fashions is odd. However especially this last time it has allowed me to remain emotionally reserved

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-26)
Also want to clarify: I said I believe it is related to the spiritual bond because there is one man in particular I have had constant precognitive dreams about that pretty much always tell me things either that will happen or tell me what he's feeling inside, like he actually comes to me in my sleep and talks to me very directly. I know for a fact that I am married to him in the fifth dimension (I have seen it myself) and that we have a bond that is like no one else on the planet. So I can only assume that the other two guys I dream about are also people I have a soul connection with, even if I am not fully conscious of it the way I am with that one man in particular.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-26)
This happens to me a lot too, and like you it happens with 2-3 people in particular. I believe it has something to do with the spiritual bond--you have probably shared past lives with them and have a soul connection. I pay very careful attention to my dreams. When it comes to these particular guys, elements of my dreams of them are very accurate, not the whole entire dream, but it alerts me that SOMETHING will be true out of it. I also have precognitive dreams about other events, like about friends and family. So pay close attention to your dreams. Try and start a dream journal. I find that this helps to create more vivid dreams over time that are easier to remember.

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