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Pre-cognitive Dreams. What Does It All Mean?


My story begins at the age of about 12. Since then on and off throughout the years I have had what some refer to as "precognitive dreams". Where i'll dream about something and then it ends up happening shortly after or a few days later. Like for example, several times, I've had what seems to be random phone numbers pop up into my dreams, but I won't know who they belong to. Also, back on 7/24/2012 I was taking an afternoon nap with my man, and I had an extremely vivid dream about a horrific car accident that happened southbound on I-95 about 12 miles from where I live.

I was living the crash and seeing everything through the eyes of one of the victims. I wrote it all down as soon as I woke up, and showed it to my family. 2 days later it happened! All just as I had written it, and at the same time that I had saw on the dashboard in the crash! Things like this happen to me all the time.

I also have the ability to pick up on emotions and energy of people and things. My most recent one, is a very vivid dream of my 22 year old little brother supposedly flying on a plane, that ends up the right wing engine freezes up and catches on fire, and the plane crashes. But I woke up from it before I found out if he survives it or not.

What is all of this? Can someone please help in explaining to me more about why this happens to me?

Also, my Mother and her 2 younger sisters both have abilities. The second oldest is a healer, as well as their father (my grandfather), having had abilities too.

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TheQuestioner (2 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-14)
I have dreams too.

Two so far.

Would you email me at Haley_Hamsandwhich [at] so we can talk further.

I owuld like you to talk to me about those, seeing as we have the same thing.

I'd also like to ask you some questions, I am quite young and don't really know much.
Hammer (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-13)
Hey Darkshadowskitten,
When I was around that age I was fairly gifted as well at precognition. While I would not say it happened all the time, it was a very regular occurance for me at that age usually about a fairly significant event. This was such a common occurance at that time I was actually worried about a trip I was going to take because I hadn't had any precognitions I could identify so I was very nervous getting in the plane to go (There was a link to a dream it turns out in that instance). Why they slowed down or stopped I don't know, possibly because it changed into a different ability.
In my mid teens I deveolped a different ability, I became very empathic and a healer as well. I'm not sure how much you have read on this site in the past (this is my first posting by the way) but how it manafested in me was that I would start being able to feel the emotions and physical pains of others near me. I found that I could take the pain from someone else with physical touch, the problem is it would generally manafest in myself. This ability has been with me since that time, and I had used it quite a bit at first, but after a while I stopped healing people because it became very uncomfortable because I didn't know how to sheild myself from it. My use of my ability also went somewhat stagnate due to the fact that I was relatively isolated from people for a while, my job (military aircraft mechanic) involved a lot of time alone which was a welcome break from the flood of the emotions of others I expirenced in High School.
I have recently come much more in tune with both my empathic and healing abilities. I have always wanted to become a massage therapist to hone my expirences as a teenager and I finally went to school and learned that craft and a lot more. Several of my instructors were also healers and I learned a lot about sheilding myself from others. I also found a definate home for my abilities and I get some amazing results at helping people with chronic pain problems they have had for years/decades.
As far as the empathic side of things, I have recently had a few revelations. First thing was I was placed in an office at work that had a severely bad "vibe" which was very hard on me. It turns out one of my co-workers had very recently lost his wife to cancer and was pretty much clinically depressed, another person was about to be out of a job and seriously distressed trying to find another one. Both have left not too long ago and the bad vibe has pretty much gone with them.
The other interesting thing I noticed was when I voulenteered at a local haunted house to make money for a squadron Christmas party. I actually got addicted to the rush I would get from the surge of fear and adrenaline they would expirence in the haunt. I don't want that last statement to sound bad, I could never hurt anyone - however they were comming to get scared and usually their fear would be followed by a rush of laughter cause I "got" them - it was an intense expirence.
So, to answer your questions, why does it happen - I really don't know, perhaps you are just more sensitive for some reason to things most people can't understand or comprehend. What is it - it is a great gift and a great burden all in one, I would suggest that you have some discussions with your family members who have been through similar things to hopefully shed light on what you are going through. I don't know how old you are, but between the raging hormones and intense emotions people go through in high school/college, that time frame can be very difficult - especially if you are dealing with the emotions of others as if they were your own. I must admit when I was goign to my school for massage therapy I was suprized how many of the instructors seemed to have similar expirences to my own, and they were some of the best therapists I have ever known (not to toot my own horn, but I was very popular to work with/get a massage from, probably for that reason). If you find you can hone your ability it could be highly lucrative for you - I personally only do outcall (go to someone's house) and I charge $45 an hour, normally I walk out the door with $60 though or more, and if you get into a high end resort - let's just say a classmate worked at a very high end place and the therapists he worked with would commonly get huge tips (I'm talking celebrities/and hundreds in tips from each client). While I will admit in a heartbeat I don't do it for the money by any means (though it does make things easier), the abiltiy to heal and relieve pain is a huge blessing! A client I saw last week was telling me that he was pain free for the first time in a couple years after our last session. My own low back pain which felt like a knife right above my hip for over 10 years was fixed by a classmate just before we graduated as well, so I know both sides of the story - and they are both life changing.
Just so you know though, even though you learn to sheied yourself, you may not be able to with people you are extremely close to. 2 examples of this are my wife and my son. My wife tends to get tension headaches very frequently - most likely from constant fighting to ensure our special needs son is cared for as well as possible. I often dread working on her because I can't block her out, so if she has a headache, I will take at least a large chunk of it for myself. The example with my son was a powerful one to me, he had just had spinal surgery and had been recovering very well, but we tried to get him up and walking one day (Doctors orders) but he wasn't ready and his pain management was almost completely worn off - I'll just say, he tried hard to walk but could't, and when I picked him up to place him back in the bed it hit me full speed - minutes later I literally passed out and could not function due to the wave of his pain hitting me.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-12)
I would really like to hear more of your experiences. Your experiences seem very surreal when you mentioned the car accident and becoming part of it.

Best wishes to you and hope everyone is alright.

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