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Shadow People, Are They Plotting Or Just Curious?


I've been seeing shadow people for several years now, at first they were just fleeting shadows that I believed to be tricks of the light, but as I began seeing them more and more they took a definite human shape, but blacker than black and more a shadow than anything. At first when I saw them, they were following other people as I went along my usual day. Sometimes it would be just a single one following a single person, other times it could have been as many as seven.

Then one started to stand out and follow me. He, as I am guessing its sex, would stay at least twenty or so yards away from me and watch me from a distance, always standing and never moving, he would let me look at him for minutes at a time before he would disappear into the surroundings, as these did not always take place at night. This continued for some time, the substance of these people growing stronger and became easier for me to see them.

It got to a point where I thought I was going crazy, I couldn't tell anyone because I was afraid of what I'd be labeled. Suddenly they stopped appearing for a few months, then just like that they reappeared again, this time in force. Almost every person I look at has at least one shadow being following them, they can be either male or female but before I was just seeing them follow, now they make motions of trying to grab and tug at the person's clothing or hair or get their attention in some way. And the special shadow being that has his attention on me would always appear the instant I was outside, following me to class, but he will not enter buildings or vehicles, actually very rarely do I see these beings inside of buildings, except for very old buildings.

Recently their behavior has changed again, the special one has become three, and they all watch me from outside, I should say that the moment I saw the two new ones appear with the original watcher, I was undergoing an attack where my mind was losing control of my body, but when I saw them, I felt calm and in control and my body became mine again.

The following ones are trying harder to get the attention of the people they follow. And just one night ago, one made it inside my home. But this one was the most unusual of any I have seen before. I awoke to a shuffling across my carpet from the doorway (I live in a very small rental room of a woman's house) to my bed, and as I looked up I could see the clear outline, even in the pitch black of night, of a shadow being, only difference between the normal ones was that its arms were impossibly skinny and long, and its face was pointed like the beak of a bird. The strangest thing about this, a year ago I drew a creature that resembles this shadow being perfectly. The being disappeared the instant I saw it, I must have startled it or something because it was the first shadow being that I've seen that didn't let me get a look at it. I wasn't afraid of it, I actually felt warmer than usual the moments before I opened my eyes, and it didn't emit a negative aura that I could pick up on.

I've tried talking to my friends about what I should do, but none of them believe me or have any idea of what kind of advice they should give. Should I be worried? Should I try warning these people I see being pursued by the shadow beings? And what of the one that has his attention on me, who was suddenly joined by two more. And this bird like one I have never seen any description or explanation of something like it anywhere.

I'm at a loss, I'm not afraid of them, they haven't shown anything or done anything for me to be afraid, neither have they tried to communicate with me. They seem content to just watch me or follow another person. The closest thing I got to recognition from them was the one following me raising his hand in a greeting.

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Kara-Li (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-05)
Oh geez, my friend can see them too, except he's an Ancient. Personally I haven't been able to see them bu I can sense them for sure. As of now, I haven't had any bad experiences with them. And my friend tells me that most of them are actually just curious, some of them are hunters or Ancients like him. He hunts shadows in his shadow form and eats them. They are food.

Unless you feel threatened I don't think you should worry, but you could try meditating. Just be a little careful with that, if those guys watching you are ancients they may be insulted if you make the wrong step. My friend told me that I should meditate and send a wave of calm out, and then wait for them to communicate. ^^ I hope this helps a little.
CelestialJaden (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)
I've encountered these things so many times it's not even funny, my advice is to not get mixed in with them. These creatures (they have no real gender) are evil and tend to cause people to struggle with not only their sanity, but also life in general.
TheOtherSide (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-26)
I see shadow people too but only with my eyes close. I used to be so scared when night time comes. It means I have to close my eyes to sleep. And when I close my eyes, I would see black and sometime white shadow. They would move fast like your at a restaurant watching people in and out. Just last night I see the one of the shadow person hide in my closet and invite me in. The explanation to my experience is through my meditation. It heighten my six sense since my third eye is being activated. With your case, it's not like mine. But I could help you get rid of it. You have be strong and command it to leave your home. You could research cleansing your home with sage and drawing boundaries around your location with salt. I could also teach you to do chanting to cast any evil entity out of your home and show you how to create a boundary over yourself everywhere you go. Contact me at snowyy402 [at] if you wanted more info.
girl_with_the_shadow (3 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-25)
There are a lot of shadow people but it seems thar you have encountered the positive ones. I see negative shadow people in my house that follow me (hence my username) but I'm not sure what their intentions are. I guess since I have a live in spirit protector, she fights them all the time but I still have those days where they literally drain my energy. I think the shadow people have something to do with a war between good and evil. Both sidss are recruiting... If you find any info about shadow people can you post it? It would be very helpful...
yval711 (5 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-19)
When you described the shadow person with a beak, I thought of the ancient Egyptian god, Horus. I'm not sure if people have ever seen him but I don't doubt that it's possible. I see shadow people a lot but they're usually in my home. They're almost always spirits of my family memebers who passed away. A lot of people see spirits as shadow people and many spirits do try to get the attention of a person in any way they can. If you don't feel threatened, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Maybe you should try communicating with them, if you're comfortable with that option. It could provide you with more answers than any person could offer.

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