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Wierd Auditory Phenomenon At Night


alright before I go into what has been happening ill give you some backround.

Im a lucid dreamer, or I was. I had a high level of control and awareness in all my dreams. It was nice and I used it to try to explore myself. There were not so nice parts, like 'entities' (I think my own creations somehow) in my dreams who were out to get me and who remembered me in the next dream and who would 'wait' for me. I eventually learned how to avoid that kind of dream and go back to exploration. One night I wanted to go as deep as possible. After sleep paralysis, after I decided to 'fall' through reality into the lucid dream, I decided to 'fall' again. The only way I can put it is falling through the surface of the ocean and sinking through the bottom, and then falling through the earths floor.

When I tried that I started awake and then had one of the wierdest experience of my life. There was a high pitched sound and a bright light and something flapping in my face. It was small. The only thing I can think of flapping that fast is like a hummingbird or something. Anyways I feel like it touched me inside my head.

It ended and I felt strange and I was confused and scared so I talked to my brother then went back to bed.

This isn't the experience I want to tell you guys about, but it is relevant because thatt is how I lost control of my lucid dreams. Every time I tried to enter a lucid dream I lost control between paralysis and the part where you fall through reality. Instead I start spinning uncontrollably fast and end up in a dream I can't control.

On to what happened tonight. I had a dream. In the dream I was in a house alone in the wilderness and something was approaching me. It was like a high frequency sound that was very loud. It got closer and closer and louder and louder until it was over top of me or somehow occupying the same space as me. I felt like I couldn't get away from it.

I woke up and my ears were still ringing, but it felt quiet, like a normal ringing in your ears. But it got closer and louder again and started occupying the same space as me again. I couldn't get away from it by turning my head. I jumped up and put my blanket around my shoulders and it became bearable and I went into my roommates room. I told him "something weird is going on" he said "where?" and I said "here, all around, listen"

He didn't hear it at first so I felt silly and went back to my room but a few moments later he came to me and asked if I meant the weird ringing noise (you could hear it as easily in his room as in mine, he just had his computer on so it was harder to notice.

So I KNOW it was not any type of tinnitus. It was external to myself, and it had a variable pitch and it was deafening at some points. I felt kind of violated in a way.

Anyways. I don't understand what is going on and I can't go back to sleep tonight so I decided to see if anyone has any perspective at all to give.

There was other weird stuff in my dream... But just usual dream type stuff. Specifically I can remember looking in the mirror and my eyes being a different, changing color. Kind of silvery, and I remember someone saying something about 'only one in 140 000" or something like that. I don't know if this is relevant but I just want to give you guys all the information I have.

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stargazingamazing (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-01)
Hey I think I have an answer for you because I am amazed at how I could have posted this as my own experience and have it be damn close to the truth... Apart from one major factor... I sought this experience out and understood why this was happening so I was not afraid actually quite Excited. However it would have scared the crap out of me too if I didn't know that what this experience meant which I believe to be why this is happening to you. You have intitated growth by trying to "fall deeper" you expressed your desire for increased awareness and growth. Spinning and falling is how it feels to astral project rather then lucid dream. It is traveling through layers of consciousness increasingly intense the further inward you travel. If you let go and trust the experience is to spiritually grow, it will be amazingly awesome... Maybe that's hard to believe but I hope you do and the audible noises are a physical result of your chakra energy raising frequency. We don't hear these sounds normally because its not possible to notice them if we have no other experience to compare them with... You don't feel the massive amount of energy surging through your body because that's all you know. I can elabore if you would like to know more but I promise this is good and its your own energy in your head... Brow Chakra energy. Please don't hesitate to msg me if you like. I hope you figure it all out:)
shellshell3030 (3 stories) (40 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-27)
Do you think that maybe you are blocking yourself from lucid dreaming unconciously because what you experienced was too wierd-scary? Just a thought...
Did you and your room-mate ever find any source for the noise? Like a plausible explanation? How long did it last? I guess I'm just curious about it, as I have no ideas for you about it though, sorry.

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