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Watching Birds


It must have been the year I turned thirteen when the birds started to appear. I'm unsure what exactly they were doing, or how they got there, but the fall after I turned thirteen became the year I was constantly watched by crows and blackbirds. It sounds odd, and believe me, I was confused. Never before had I seen so many black-feathered birds outside my house in my home town. This was unusual as the only feathered-creatures we had in the town were along the lines of Robins, Chickadees and Seagulls.

As the days got colder, I would walk to school, as it was only a twenty minute walk to my elementary school. And so I would walk, but every time I looked up at the sky, or at a tree, the black-feathered birds seemed to stop and look at me. I must sound a tad crazy but, I had never seen so many birds. I thought it was my imagination. But the chilling thought of the birds watching me scared me. Looking outside my classroom window I saw these birds. Recess was never fun as the birds sat in the trees all day. Friends commented on them, but never had an answer to why they were there.

After winter, the birds slowly started to disappear. And one day while getting dressed for school, I looked out my window and I was startled by the appearance of at least ten black birds in every tree in my backyard.

I'm still unsure if it was just a coincidence that these birds were here, if some natural instinct called them there, but that fall/winter season scared me. As if every move I made was watched. Was it something surreal or natural?

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