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Shadow People And Spirits


Ever since I was little I have experienced shadow people, I also had a friend Larry the ghost. After my parents found out that Larry was indeed real and not imaginary they quickly told me I could not play with him any more. Needless to say that made him very upset, but he did go away and in time so did the shadow people, Now over the years it just has been getting worse the shadow people came back and stayed for a while. I went to several churches and no one would help, finally I got my house blessed and they moved on so it seemed, months latter they returned, and they are finally once again gone. But I wonder for how long this time? I also have been seeing 3 blonde haired blue eyed kids that just sit and stare at me NEVER interact even though at times I try, people keep coming to my bed waking me up I now am seeing specks of light as if someone is shining a flash light in the dark on a piece of glass? Balls that seem to be propane filled small whispers in my ear when no is here. I can never make out what they say, I know things before they happen? Not all the time I now have feelings of being watched I can capture some on camera, I can sense good from bad, I am terrified to be around crowds because I always manage to bring others back home with me. Also it feels like a short being of some sort has and is like? Riding on my back like a small child with piggy back rides? I can feel it on me other times its chills a sense of touch physically drained at times. I don't know if I really am going crazy and I need help from someones else who experienced similar things Please!

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Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-05-05)
So many are experiencing some of the same and not the same things... Just know to always come and go from a place of love, keep your thoughts, words, & actions positive.

Do acts of kindness, clip a flower, bring it to someone whom you have nothing to gain from but appreciation. Just do good, every day, and your energy will shift to exuberant energy. Keep your surroundings brightly lit, bright colors, happy music, heck try some christmas music.

Walk barefoot, go outside sit under the sun everyday for at least 20 minutes, inhale thinking you are inhaling the good vibrations/oxygen our trees put out and exhaling all the lower vibes no longer to return... Imagine they all dissipate and evaporate, no longer existing anywhere.

Burn candles, scented ones, do the research for the ones that represent certain feelings or emotions you want to become.

Peace be with you and may your environment whereever you go be in the light of goodness,

:) Joni
Psy-Med (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-05)
This is similar to some things I have experienced. I also tend to have the unseen follow me and I have this uncanny ability to pick haunted homes to live in.

Some spirits will drain you to give themselves more power or energy to communicate with you. This would explain the piggy back spirit.

You probably need to start wearing protective gems such as clear quartz necklaces or amethyst. Your situation is very interesting. I often worry for those in situations like this. I wish you the best.

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