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Shadow Figure In My Dreams That Gives Me Warnings


My first dream like this was when I was 14 and I saw a wedding, tow people I could not recognized, I could see their cloths but not their faces, it was like a shadow with cloth. I dint feel like this people were going to hurt me. But I felt very sad. (I felt this were my parents) I told my mother and she told me that wedding dreams were not good.

Few months latter, I vividly dream of an accident at the place my dad worked. The person on the accident was a shadow man, again I recognized the cloth as a old sweater my dad had when I was a tottler and jeans but did not see his face. The show die in my dream.

my father die the same year on an accident at his place of work.

Dreams stop until about 3 years ego, the shadow man cameback and spoke to me, never done it before (im not scared of this) he told me "his is with some one else" when I got up I had a very strong feelling of lost there was something I need it to find out. I loke at my husbands contact list I fund the the name and phone number of a woman he had and afair with.

The shadow came back few month latter and told show me someone how was very very sick, I understude I was not related to this person but we (my husband) and I are very close the show show me he was going to die. I dint know who this person was, but I had a strong seince to invite an specific frind for dinner, a month letter this friend told us he was told he had cancer. The man die exacly a year latter.

The shadow also show me a suicide, it was weird because I saw my mothers face on the kid, but it was a young mans body, I could feel the pain as he shot him self and he was gone.

The fallowing week the child of a very close friend shot him self, this kids never show a sign of depression.

This shadow show me of other sick people, I soon find out of 3 other friends with cancer. This man are on treatment as I wright this.

But as I feel comfy, he comes back and for a second time speaks to me, it told me that the cancer was back. That was it and he was gone.

My neighbor told me yesterday her husband has been told he has cancer.

I can deal with this, but what I don't like is that my second daughter has dreams with a shadow, and she is scared, she have sleep walk and every night terror have a shadow guy. She does not like mirrors en her room and sleeps with the bathroom door close.

I need advise, I don't want her to be scared, I have told my husband about this be he thinks this are coincidences and so we have leave it as that.

PS: please forgive my English it is my second language.

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Ann1598 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-29)
Some years ago I dreamed of a shadow
Was a man who visited me in dreams
I do not remember well what happened
Been a long time and I forgot

But I remember that I could not see his face, only the shadow. I was going through a difficult time in my life, felt alone, as if here was not my home.

I do not remember why he stopped visiting me, but I remember he spoke to me telepathically.

He simply made ​​me fly among the stars

Called me to go

But one day, the day he left and never returned

I remember, he visited my room, I do not know if it was a dream or if it was reality, I know that I had an outside view.

I could see what I was seeing in my mirror

He came through the window, floated over my bed and kissed me. It was all very fast, when " woke up " when he kissed me, my body is projected forward from the bed, as if I had just run a marathon, I was panting and sweating. I could feel him touching my lips and kissed me at the time that he disappeared.

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