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Looking For A Good Friend


Hey guys and girls I have been going through some spiritual changes recently which are all good but I have one problem. None of my close friends are adapting in the same way there all normal to put it simply. And I have been really wanting to talk to someone that's a bit different like me lately, well for the past 2 years actually. And I am normal its just that I'm different because spirituality adapts you differently when you go through it. Ill give you a quick idea of where I'm at and what I'm like.

But first ill say I'm really longing for a friend of any age to be mates with just to talk like normal mates and all that except I would be able to relate to them with other stuff. And maybe mentor them and stuff or swap ideas with them. I hope you get what I mean

I am 18 and I live in sydney.

Well about me: I'm super ultra nice and I'm great at helping out friends. I'm really social and get along with people well and I'm a libra if you wanted to know too.

Spiritually: I have 8855775574336634 stories which are all true and interesting and I love to help people so hopefully some of them could help you too! Plus we wouldn't get bored talking because I have so many and ill tell you the rest later.

The spiritual stuff I'm mainly into is healing and astra traveling both I have suceeded in too and yeah.

But I have fb so you can add me on that but if your in the area please contact me so we can meet up. I know it might be awkward meeting up but who cares we will be over it in the first 5mins so it doesn't really matter.

But if your in the area make sure to contact me I really want a spiritual friend so to speak.

My email is

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Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-11)
Ill be your friend or a mentor. Either way I am skilled in what I do. ^^ email me if you want it's on my profile.:D

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