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Precognition And Negative Energy Sponge


When I was in highschool I have had precognitive dreams. I would literally dream something one night and it will happen the next day, exactly how I dreamt it, no matter how impossible it may seem. Then, it just suddenly stopped.

Then when I reached my late 20's, I would think of something or someone, and that someone would just be there. For example, I was watching TV and I just thought of whatever happened to Neve (sp?) Campbell and then suddenly a promo for a film of hers that was going to show on TV appears (first time I saw the promo) and trivial things of the sort.

There was also this instance that we were in an office function and one of my colleagues already wanted to leave, but I told him to stay as he might win something in the draw and he did and there was this instance that I just told my wife, join that raffle at work you might win and she did.

I think I also have a bad tongue, because there were times that I'll say that this bad thing might happen and then it does (I do not wish for bad things to happen, I just say it in a matter of fact way and it happens).

I would really like to develop my precognition, as recently I have had some parts of my dreams actually happening again the following days but not as clear as I had before, when what I dreamt the night before exactly, I mean, exactly happened as I have dreamt it.

On a side note, just recently, my picture was sent to this physhic healer in my home country and was told that I had the tendency to absorb negative energy. This has me concerned now as I have new workmate and since I started being/worling in the same room with her, I have never had a day that I did not feel drained.

If anyone can help me with these 2 concerns, developing my precognition and protecting myself from absorbing negative energies. I would really be grateful.

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AmziMisa4 (21 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-11)

If you wish to develop your precognitive abilities, I would suggest a form of mediation with focus on the Third Eye chakra. The Third Eye is the parent chakra of all seeing abilities and focusing on it should strengthen your ability. You can find many types of meditation on the internet, just find the one that focuses on the Third Eye and works best for you!

As for protecting yourself from the negative energies, I would suggest shielding. Shielding is relatively easy to do and, in my opinion, something that every psychic should do. The following is an excerpt from our book on shielding and should be a wonderful beginner's guide for you.

So you want to learn to shield/set up wards? Fair enough!
Shielding is a protective bubble of energy. It is passive and only guards against anything that tries to hurt whatever it is protecting.
Wards are aggressive and used to fight psychic battles. They will hurt anything that they deem suspicious, such as someone with psychic abilities (even if that person means no harm).

Obviously, wards are the more dangerous of the two. Shielding however is quite a must have for all gifted individuals. Here are the following steps you can take to do either:

Find something from nature, like a flower or stick. You can also use your own energy, but it will drain you!

Sit down in a calm and quiet space and in your hand hold the thing you got from outside.
Close your eyes and breathe deep until you feel relaxed. Don't be impatient, take your time!

Think about your 7 chakras, starting with the top one: crown, third eye, throat, heart, stomach, solar, and finally the root chakra. Be careful with the last one, it's the most important, as it is in charge of your stability.
Afterwards, think to yourself that there is an energy coming from the piece of nature you hold in your hands, flowing up your arms, down your legs, all over you, covering you in its protective light.
Think "I ask for a protective shield, one that will come alive if anything tries to harm me" or "I ask for a ward, which will not only protect but attack anything that it deems suspicious".
Keep this up until you feel like all of the energy from the flower/stick is drained.

You can also use your own energy, but this will result in you being tired, so there is no shame in instead using the energy of nature to help yourself

Chakra information:

Hopefully, that should help. If you have any further questions about meditation or shielding, feel free to email us at Dividention [at] We would love to help.

Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-06)
Also there are times where my information is incorrect. If you every feel like the information is outdated, incorrect, or there are better ways to go about the problems just shoot me a reply. Its interesting what others learned and I would love to know why and the reason and proof behind it. But please do not just say I'm wrong it does not help anyone in understanding why. ❤
Noriko1111 (1 stories) (35 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-06)
Protecting yourself is quite a bit of practice you need to look into. Shields are one of the ways you can protect yourself to charms or using physical limitation like smell, sight, feel, etc... About you.

If you truly want to know how to protect yourself, you must be willing to continue your study on that subject or others that you choose. There is no one solution, because LIFE does not stop with that one.


Smell- What I meant by smell is pheromones attract people or spirits or deter them away as we all know. Perfumes and colognes are used to make you smell nice and it mixes with your pheromones making it into an alluring smell. The sense of perfumes dates back thousands of years. What I am getting at is that you can find certain "smell" that your coworkers don't like from perfume to incense, etc. Incense has its own history and metaphysical properties and is used in many religious rituals as well as oils. Sage has an very strong cleaning effect and it brings all energy back to balance. Frankincense used by catholic church is a popular scent for protection and cleansing. Mother earth has bountiful herbs and oils that can be used to create your own herbal mix of scent. Carrying small pouches of these herbs can be used for your advantage. But remember this, it is not always "easy" to spot the right scent to deter that specific person as well as there will be always consequences to that scent. It will deter certain types of people but not all. It is not a end all solution.

Sight- Color has its own unique scientific study. How we decorate our room to how we dress can tell a lot about the mood and the feel of the person. Even aura colors around people tells you how that person emotion is at that moment. For example: Light blue has a tendency to some people to give a feeling of the sky, or light and airy personality. Deep dark rich blue, has a feel of mystery or protection. Muddy blue has this feels of depression a taint almost. Bright red like McDonald can be used to grab attention and makes you hungry (there has been studies behind this quite interesting to read). How does color help deter people away or attract them, because majority of the population of people uses their sight more often. People have a set of favorite color as well as a set of color that they hate or uncomfortable with. Use your imagination on how you can use this to your advantage. *note- once again, It will deter certain types of people but not all or it would do the opposite. It is not a end all solution.

There are many more ways you can go about this.

This consist of training the mind. I personally think this is the most difficult or the easiest thing to do because of what we all believe in. We as human tend to believe what we see in front of us that are tangible, real, and in uses majority of all our sense. The less senses that it uses, the less real it becomes. Using our mind has barely or no proof that it is real, because the people around us is not experiencing the same thing or can't see, feel, or sense the things you are going through.

Feeling, seeing, smelling, sensing energy- something people can't just normally do. Your either born with it already open or you work at opening it up. It can take certain people months, years, or their whole lifetime to be able to open it. A great amount of dedication, will power, and commitment allows the person to harness it. Other times it just comes instinctively and your able to do it.

Now what interesting about metaphysics is that science do come into play. You need to know how the world works to understand how things certain things click. One thing flows into the other.

For people with a logical mind:
The physical aspect of light and using it to create a barrier or a reflection. What important is that you can "see" in your mind how light reflects and bends and curves around you or a specific part of your body. The more solid idea you have of this gives you a solid ground for your mind to go off on. Understanding the true nature of how light works gives you a better understanding of how you want it to work. The purpose of this is to start naturally being able to conjure and work with your mind to do this instinctively. What your mind believes, your body follows. You will naturally start pulling in energy from either outside for energy source or from your own energy. Last all it really takes is belief, the more you believe the more stronger the pull. The less you believe and is half hearted you will get less the amount and half hearted the energy pull. Desire is a strong emotional energy pull. If you create a light with the purpose to reflect energy around you, you will get what you have programed it for. Now here is the interesting thing about your mind. Its something you have to constantly think about couple times a day. You must replenish the shield, because over time it will go down and you have the same problem again.

For people with a artistic mind:
Barriers- Using light, people who don't usually first think of a barrier in a scientific way tends to believe in a more artistic way. They see in their mind a white circular light that encompasses their body. They program it with a simple rule like "I want this white light barrier to reflect or dissolve or bypass all negative energy." The problem with this is sometimes, if they are not specific on what kind of negative energy you want it becomes just a generic barrier of what you programmed it for. Some people like it like that. On the downside of being too specific is that it will only deter that specific type of energy. Once again, the more solid the barrier is in your mind with more of an understanding of why you put it there and how it works the stronger the barrier becomes. Remember the rule of thumb: REPLENISH THE BARRIER every so often.

Charms- charms are like a pool of collected energy of either positive, negative, light, dark, elemental, etc... It draws or deters things away depending on what it is programmed for. Remember this though, don't put all your faith into an inanimated object, they are tools for you to work with nothing more. They can be easily broken by a someone who knows what they are doing.

Now there are people out there who are able to unravel your barrier. They know what they are doing. There not a lot, but there are people, beings and or spirits that have 1000 of years of experiences on this subject. Its better you know ahead and know solutions to counter simple ones. The more you practice, learn, and extend your knowledge you will get better. Everything will take time and a lot of patience.

Precognitions is a skill that requires patience and understanding of oneself, people, and of higher beings. Being able to glimpse into a stream of many possibilities depends on largely on what the world of people is going to do on that day and the present actions that will lead to that moment. Each day each person does something that causes a chain reaction that will effect millions of people. Even the environment, spirits, and the unseen comes into effect. The outcome is infinite, but this does not mean that vision will happen. What you see is the highest possibility of what could happen on that day.

The first step is meditation. Quieting the mind to take out the unnecessary pep talk with oneself or other. Too much stray thoughts can hinder your mind. Find anyways to quite it. Without this first step, its pointless to go ahead. Foundation is the key that works on majority of increasing your senses.

The list is long enough. Go out and search for yourself. If you have private question just email me other than that I'll reply on the website.

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