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Aware Of The Sleep Paralysis


It happened one or two months after I began living by myself.

Last year in April (2012), I went to sleep one night before midnight, covered with a blanket (my face too) and laying on my back. I awoke feeling completely paralyzed except for my eyes, and started panicking. Next thing I knew, the blanket was pulled off of my face. After that I passed out but ''woke up'' normally moments later, with the blanket exactly the way it was when I went to sleep.

I looked at the time - it was about 2 AM - and then I returned back to sleep.

The next time it happened to me was this year on the 1st of April. This time it lasted much less. I awoke paralyzed laying in the corner of my bed on my left side, but knowing exactly what was happening because I documented about it meanwhile. I saw what appeared to be a black rectangle which morphed into something like a cat. The appearance got closer to me, at which point I decided I didn't want this to continue.

I fully awoke after that, the cat vanished like fog. The time was 4 AM.

My brother also had sleep paralysis that year, only without any hallucinations. I also have met another person who said he has Sleep Paralysis regularly but without hallucinations. This is odd, because both said they were scared so their minds should have given them some hallucinations too.

I have read that Sleep Paralysis is a starting point for Out Of Body Experiences, but despite wanting it, a part of me is still fearful even during the SP.

And I have unsuccessfully tried several times to get conscious during the Sleep Paralysis. It seems it happens rather randomly, though the one year gap between the first and the second occurrence does not seem quite random.

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soupflood (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-21)
Hello, pulsar.
I managed to get an online reading from a medium and she told me it was a girl/teen energy who tried to be playful but ended up scaring the <blanket> out of me... And won't do it again even though is still ''here, but hiding''. And the black cat perception was a portal (energy pocket) which I should close by smoking the house with sage.
I don't think I'll have problems snapping out of future SP's (if I'll ever get new ones), because the 2nd time I got out of it at will.
Thanks for the info,
pulsar (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-07)
Hi Soupflood

Sleep Paralysis is terrifying but, from what you described... The black figure seems to be a apparition of your subconscious fear manifesting as a visual medium. I have Waking Paralysis VERY regularly, about 10 times per month. Sometimes waking paralysis can indicate an attack and other times it's simply an indication that you want to Astral project.

Personally, for me, the waking paralysis was initially a sign of attack but, don't jump to conclusions. The next time it happens, try to go with the flow and start grounding. Some people think (me included) that waking paralysis is caused by either not having enough energy (it could be that you astral'd unconsciously before becoming lucid) to fully astral project with lucidity, or that your energy flow is not smooth enough (chakra's).

So, next time it happens... Start grounding and focus on smooth, slow and powerful movements, like tai chi. If this does not work, people most often guide you to try and move a finger or something small to wake up. For me, that does not work at all. I would recommend that you try and roll over. Speaking with about 8 years of experience with waking paralysis, I think this works best.
Probably because it's a natural movement for the body even under deep sleep.

Try not to yell though, you might yell in your sleep, waking everyone else in the house.

Continue training and don't give up.

A Little advice on astral projection: a lot of people on the web will tell you to make affirmations before astral projecting. Though, this does help, a LOT, it also attracts other entities. I have learned this the hard way, when you astral project do it by yourself, with your own energy and don't call on other entities to help you. And also people might disagree with me on this (I'm probably going to get a ear full of this), but, don't contact your spirit guide, familiar or whatever before you have learned to properly astral project.

Oh, and the blanket thing: When you astral project (or begin to separate from your body) you are able to see with your eye lids closed. This is because you start seeing with your "energy double". So what most likely happened is that your energy double levitated slightly, just above the covers.

Interestingly though, a lot of experts say that the information input while astral projecting is way different during astral projection and that the reason you "see" and "hear" stuff is because that is the only way the biological brain can interpret that information. Like opening a word document with adobe reader. Food for thought...


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