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Lady In White Dreams, Friend With Similar Experience


Look, before I write this I just want to claim that I don't think I'm some medium/psychic. I just need to know if I'm crazy or not. I know I am only 15 but I just want to state how stressed I am over this.

So I met a friend named Kat about a month ago and she told me that she's schizophrenic and she sees things alot. Mainly she sees a woman with a short white dress with dirt and soil on the dress, her eyes and hair are black and her hair length changes. When she told me this I instantly believed her, for one from her completely serious tone witch not even the best actor could fake, and that I had been seeing a very similar woman.

Lady In White Dreams, Friend With Similar Experience

She wasn't the same no, but almost. The woman I had/have been seeing is wearing this long white dress that has dirt and blood all over it and she has long pitch black hair and completely white eyes. Also she is very very pale and attached to her fingers are long knives covered and constantly dripping with blood. Her dress is occasionally dripping as well. Kat sees this woman everywhere not just at my house, witch is when she first told me about it; she had seen the lady in white standing in my closet.

Unlike Kat, I don't ever see her when I am awake. Instead I see my lady in my dreams. A few hours ago I tried telling her that I think we were seeing the same person, although she denied it and said that she sees hers everywhere not just at my house, like me. I only dream of the woman in white at my fathers house, but when I leave to one of my friends houses, my mothers house, etc., I never dream of her. In my dreams I wake up from sleeping in my dream, and she is standing at the foot of my bed or right next to my head. She almost never does anything. She just stands there dripping blood and staining my carpet. Although there was one time she tried to attack me. When I woke up in my dream she was standing there and for a good five minutes in my dream we were staring at each other as usual.

But then something changed, she smiled at me displaying horrible chipped, yellow and black, dagger-like teeth. Slowly black veins grew all over her face, only her face, and her eyes went pitch black. I didn't scream, I didn't know what was happening. But then she lunged for me with her knife fingers trying to attack me and kill me. I fought her off but in my dream once she finally backed up into my closet and the shadows consumed her, I had scratches all over my body. When I woke up they were there too. When I checked my fingers there was blood on them so I knew I had done it to myself.

I still see her, I dream of her almost everyday. She's only attacked me once, but I am always afraid of her. She doesn't just stand there and I'm not afraid of her and she doesn't seem violent, No. She wants to kill me. She doesn't want me there and I am absolutely terrified of what will happen if she tries to attack me again. I may loose. And if I scratched myself that badly last time when I won, what will happen if I loose? I could kill myself. I could DIE. Usually what causes me to wake up isn't someone waking me up or the dream ending, no, they never end, it's usually her screaming my name so loudly I can't bear it and I start to scream but no noise comes out. Then I'm awake, sweating and terrified once again.

My friend that I told about this recommended that if both me and Kat saw her either in or going in the closet that I should go into a lucid dream and open the closet door and see if she is there. She told me maybe the closet is her place. Like a threshold of some sort. I don't want to do that, it's just another situation of where I'm terrified she's going to attack me again and win. And then I'll die.

I don't think it's coincidence that both me and Kat are seeing very similar woman in white. Kat believes that she is a schizophrenic, my mother believes she is a psychic. That's another thing. My dad's a shaman, and my mothers a wiccan. I learned how to control my dreams from my father and my mother taught me about other things, such as tarot cards and energizing crystals and praying into my dream catcher and such.

I just want to know if me and Kat are both crazy or what. I also quickly wanted to state that I have been having these dreams for years, not just after I met Kat.

Please help me out. I need to know what the HELL is going on.

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Martin (129 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-11-03)
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Joni437 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-06-11)
Read the other stories on here, I forgot which one, but its specific saying how this person on the site can make herself into an actual image of 7 feet or so with wings, claws, etc. Then project that image and touch other physical beings and plants, not inaminate objects... The creation you are experiencing sounds like it is created from a person you know of, since it is always around, like it is furious with something or some behavior you are doing... Most likely watch your behavior, no violence for sure, come from a strong place of love, and follow the mantra 'no harm to none' that way none can boomerang back to you... For now, I send you peace, the harmful figure or figures are no longer allowed to attach themselves to you or your dreams, bid it farewell and send it away with light and love.

Live in perfect peace, love and trust that you are taken care of by all the others wanting the same.

Surround yourself always with good things, good people, happy thoughts, bright colors, good scents/smells, and practice, practice, practice sending good vibes to others. Stick with love.

Peace with you,

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