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My Experiences, Not Sure What I Have And Looking For Help


Ever since I can remember I have had dreams that days or weeks later come true. Rarely anything serious, just conversations with friends or seeing things that eventually play out. It is mainly for no more than 4 or 5 seconds but recently it has been happening where it goes on for much longer, up to 20 seconds sometimes. Also when these experiences come on I feel as though I enter a trance and can't focus on anything else until it is over. There was only ever one time where it mattered. I was driving on a fast road that I had driven hundreds of times before, but this time when I was coming up to a place where another country road meets the one I was on and I remembered a dream where I was driving by there and someone didn't stop at the stop sign and just went right through and slammed into my car. I was positive that was going to happen so I slammed on the breaks, there weren't any cars behind me, and a car ran through the stop sign about 15 feet from where I stopped. I was driving with my brother, who I haven't told about my precognitive experiences and don't want to in the passenger seat and he asked me how I knew to stop and I said I saw him through the trees but this was the middle of summer and the trees were full of leaves and there was no way of seeing through.

Another thing that has recently started happening is when I am talking with people, I know what they are going to say before they say it, it happens with words but has been growing to become full phrases or sentences. This is only from the last 3 months or so. I searched the internet and found that that can mean telepathy but also could just be an offshoot of precognition. So I don't know where I stand on this and am looking for help on what this could mean. I am also looking for ways to make my precognition stronger, if there are any ways.

I have always been very in tune with the spiritual world. I even saw a psychic who said that it was because something happened that kind of introduced me to the other realms, that's how she worded it, when I was very young. I didn't know what she was talking about but shortly after I asked my mom if anything happened and she said shortly after I was born my heart stopped for just under a minute. I don't know if that is what the psychic was speaking of or even if it matters at all I am just putting all the information out here for whoever decides to help me understand what if any psychic abilities I have. If anyone can help me find out what abilities I have and perhaps how to use them to be stronger, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Damian_WS (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-05)
Thank you MFouch2. Aside from the suggestions you made are there any other ways I can practice my abilities? I will do what you've suggested. Thank you for your time.
MFoutch2 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-02)
Hello Damian WS, what you have are very strong premonitions, and as a psychic you can communicate telepathically and not even mean to, I have done it to my friends even with texting. I am a psychic, healer, clairsentient and tarot reader and also work with crystals. You have a very strong yet guarded psychic ability, I can read long distance and not even know the person, and you have me blocked. There can be many things that allow you access to the spiritual realm, your heart stopping for example, a hard childhood and even people with learning delays. I sense that you have developed your psychic ability from your mothers side of the family and it has been passed to you. I feel your spirit is old, but not that old. There are many things to help you develop your psychic skills, I prefer meditation its relaxing and you can call upon the universal energies and guardian angels and ask them to help you develop them. Also when you meditate state loud and proud that you are a psychic, you have telepathy, and you have the power of premonition, this confirms it to the universal energies. It takes time so be patient, also I feel psychic development teas would benefit you and most taste good or can be changed to suit you. Also what helps is starting to tell people and don't be afraid of being shunned, you will be denied and accepted it goes with the territory, but don't be afraid and surround yourself with trustworthy psychics. You also need to ground yourself if you pursue this here is an easy trick: Picture bright pure white energy light traveling up into you all through you or wrapping around you in any form you wish, mine is tree branches covered in leaves and flowers that wind all through me, and picture this energy going through the earth to the core and wrapping tight around it, this is grounding. This takes time to be there all the time you need to do this daily and then it will automatically be there for you:). Practice, practice, practice and most importantly, relax and let it come to you. Good luck, I hope I helped you, and may your guardian angels continue to bless you and watch over you.

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