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The Breeze Thats Touches Your Skin


My story begins as a little girl. I never did the make believe friends. I loved people, I was always wondering and asking so many questions. I always new I was different. My mother said I had a special gift. That gift was love. I told her do you smell that? Can you see her? She is putting on some beautiful rose powder stuff. I was not sure who she was. Her hair was a beautiful dark brown. She had the biggest brown eyes, she said she hadn't seen me in a long time. I looked at her as I watched her brush her hair. She said I had my dads features and a heart of gold. I have only seen this woman one time in my life. We talked and she told me stories of all 13 kids that she had. Then it dawned on me it was my dads mom. I went to ask my mom why do people who have passed want to sit and talk to me. She said she wasn't sure. But this is when it all started. There here many nights I couldn't sleep and I would walk around the house because I could smell someone smoking. I would follow the smell, and ask the person why they were here. They said a friend sent them to me. And I asked why? They were not sure. Sometimes I thought I was crazy. I never told anyone but my mom and dad. My dad would look at me funny. But you know as I got older it was harder. I was seeing thing and they weren't good. I told my mom you know that family friends of ours dad knows. She said which one. I said the one ho just had a baby. And she said why. And I started to cry. I said she is going to die today. My mom said no. I said yes. Her dad is walking over now. Growing up fire was always my fear. I think it was because my brothers were fire bugs. And it scared me when I saw something on fire. Well this friend of my dads wanted to borrow the lawn mower. He took it home and sat the gas can by the furnace. I heard sirens and ran outside. Went to the house of that little baby girl and all I remember is her mother came home from work from the hospital and she fell to her knees and was screaming. I hide behind my dad. And my dad said don't look. I already new what happened to that baby girl before it even happened. From that moment after this was really scaring me and I couldn't tell anyone but my parents. My dad said don't tell anyone for they might lock you up. Well as I got older I realized my girlfriends would tell me about a crazy dream they had. Well I talk when I'm sleeping with my eyes open having a major conversation with all kinds of people. And this might sound crazy but I see things before they happen. And that scares me. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I know when someone has passed or is about to pass. I well smell some smell and I well follow it all around the house until they well touch me. My girlfriend tells me to let her know when I smell something of hers so she can get ready for death. I have cheated death 3 times. But I know deep down my time is coming. My dad passed at 50. And when he was in the Vietnam war I would talk to him all the time. And he was so far away. I knew even though he was there and I was home he made sure I was safe and I made sure he was safe there. See when my we found out he had cancer. I already knew. I knew his mom wanted him with her. He was 14 when she passed with cancer and she was 42. You know I tell people now close eyes and just think of the memories and they well be sitting right next to you. You well feel there presents and a smell of there cologne or perfume. That special something you remembered as a child. See I believe they are the ones ho are scared to leave you. They want to make sure you are OK. Even if you don't know the person who is visiting you. Never be scared of what you see or what you feel. They are like the wind blowing through the trees and that cool breeze you feel on your skin is them touching you to let you know they are their and well never leave your side. You know when my dad was in the Vietnam War. It scared me every time I would see that black car pulled up at a home and a Officer and Priest would walk up to the door and the wife would fall to her knees. That there was the scariest thing. And waiting to see if that car was coming to your house. So I always wondered if maybe these souls that came to me and stayed a while were OK not being alive. Maybe they were sad like my dad. He spends so much time with me. My daughter was his favorite girl to and he met her daughter. I have a picture that my grand baby was at my fathers house and she was on the trampoline taking pictures with my digital camera... I think she forgot she took a lot of pictures. So I downloaded it to the Laptop and lord behold my dad was there the whole time watching her. He's in the pictures. I showed my mom and said look! My dad is seeing his great grand baby for the first time. I just cried. I look at those pictures everyday. I believe when you have a heart of gold and are a giver and not a taker. The spirits feel that, and they want to get to know you even though you don't know them. I also believe the ones that are cremated there souls well never rest because they are sad they left early. And also if you do have a dream and your not a dreamer. And someone comes to talk to you in your in dream. Its because they are really their talking to you as if they never left. So with me I have different gifts. The love of spending time with the souls that have never rested. And you know when people tell you if you have that feeling in your gut that someone is watching you. Believe me they are... Let me tell you this. I have identical twin brothers. I told my mom that I wasn't sure which one it was that something was going to happen health wise. Well the oldest twin had a heart attack and the younger twin felt a strong pain by his heart. My brother almost died. But it wasn't his time. So I told my mom she needed to talk to both of my brothers that massive heart attacks ran on my dads side of the family. So yes there are a lot of us who have a gift and we don't use it to our advantage to make money on it. I do it because these souls need to still feel loved and feel they are needed until they rest there souls... So if you have the gift don't be scared of it. Its a gift that you were blessed to be there for them.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-31)
Wow, that was a nice story. It does help me appreachiate my gifts more.

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